Can You Run A Marketing Campaign Through Your Smartphone?

Business owners keep looking for new ways to meet with prospective customers every day and marketing is one tool that can not be overlooked. Marketing campaigns are very important because they help increase brand awareness. You also use these campaigns to let your existing customers know what is new about your company in terms of the services you are rendering, like telling them about any new products you have. So, marketing is an important component of a successful business journey. These days, there are talks of running marketing campaigns on your smartphone and we want to see just how possible that is.

Send mobile-friendly contents

Most people who own businesses, build websites for their businesses but do not factor in making the website mobile-friendly. You need to understand that the majority of people that go online to surf the internet, do so with their phones. So, if your website is not mobile-friendly, you already have a big problem. Mobile optimization generally refers to elements of your site infrastructure which is different from mobile friendliness though. You can run a marketing campaign using your smartphone to engage readers by making shorter sentences and using relevant media like high-quality videos and images. When people go through such content, they like to make a quick run-through so you have to keep things simple. They would get bored if you are too lengthy and so move on to the next available content.

Voice-search option

Almost all smartphones have voice capabilities and people are making use of that option regularly. It is estimated that by the year 2022, more than 50% of all households should own a voice-enabled device. This would mean that they can easily search for whatever they want to buy by using the option on the phone. Voice search has the potential to drive sales. Most times, people call businesses, explore business websites, or visit a local store after they have found them via voice searches. So, yes, you can use this option to market your business as it is proven to generate sales.

Text messaging

The use of text messaging to run marketing campaigns has been yielding fruits for so long. To make your text message campaign work, you need to ask your audience to opt in for future messages. The tone and manner of your first text message sent out will play a vital role in maintaining your audience. People do not have issues with receiving messages, especially from companies that they have taken to. So, if you want to promote a new product, you can use the text-messaging option to tell your existing customers because according to studies, they read those texts immediately after they receive them.

Digital coupons are an effective technique when using text messaging for marketing. This is because coupons received via text messages are used more often than those received from other sources. Since you would be doing mostly text messaging, it is important that you go for sim-only deals for your phones. This is because a monthly sim-only deal is a contract-based offer that runs for 30 days and can be rolled over each month. So, you don’t have to be tied to a long-term phone contract when you are not using all of the features you signed in for. With sim-only deals, you can even pay as you go and save money in the process.

Leverage social media opportunities

Though you can use your desktop to send emails which is the most commonly used method for marketing campaigns, social media is now becoming a leader in digital marketing and small businesses need to focus on it. You can use your smartphone to create profiles on all the social media platforms and try posting on your new platforms to see which one gives you the feedback you are expecting. Studies show that about 80% of customers in the U.S. have purchased some products because a brand they love shared a post featuring the same product. The primary goal of using social media to market is to increase brand awareness and your smartphone can be used effectively to run this method of marketing campaign.

Final word

Running a marketing campaign using your mobile phone is possible and it has yielded results for so many entrepreneurs especially the small business owners. If you are still waiting to get a laptop before you can effectively carry out your digital marketing and you have always had a smartphone, then you have been wasting time. Get on your social media today, send mobile-friendly contents, and use your text messaging effectively to steer your business in the right direction.



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