Bugs found on WordPress SEF URLs.

Today I was playing around with our demo site to make sure that 2.7 worked correctly, and I found some bugs in the router file. Additionally, when I was getting ready to publish this post, someone submitted a support ticket regarding a bug that appears when Joomla is installed in a directory.

If you have SEF turned on and are using WordPress for Joomla! version 2.7, please update to the newest package version

This version fixes issues that come up when you have an empty category or slug on the permalinks settings. It also fixes a bug that comes up when you use Joomla! SEF without using anything for the custom permalink structure. It also fixes some bugs that affect date URLs.

There is also a new file for sh404sef, since this is also affected. Make sure you purge your URLs before updating to the new version.
If you don’t want to purge all of your URLs, you can do a search for the word “blog” or a word that appears in all of your URLs, then purge those URLs that come up with the search results. (Note: This will not work if you have the alias removed from the URLs.)

While writing this post I recieved an additional ticket – there is also a bug that appears when Joomla! is installed in a subdirectory: it adds the name of the directory twice. This bug is also fixed.


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