A Look at the Top Trends in SEO for 2013

If you have been trying to pay attention to the digital landscape in recent months, you would know that a lot of methods have changed, or at least, evolved. You don’t have to be a digital guru to notice that digital marketing methods are very dynamic – what’s in today can most definitely be out tomorrow.

Take the case of Search Engine Optimization. What business owner has not heard of this term, especially if they have a website that they would like to promote? But SEO tactics and methods from a few years ago are deemed obsolete and outdated today. In order to stay ahead of the competition and keep abreast with the times, here’s a closer look at certain emerging trends for 2013.

Mobile is the way to go

Just take a look around you – gadgets are everywhere. From smart phones to tablets and combination tablet/laptops, these innovations are no doubt here to stay. Instant connectivity is the name of the game, and for any business owner, mobile presents an opportunity they cannot ignore.

SEO London experts agree: effective SEO is dynamic and mulch-dimensional

The numbers certainly tell the story: today, approximately 40% of users now access the Internet via their mobile gadgets. And this number is steadily rising. In a few years, it wouldn’t be surprising if more than half of users surf the Internet through their devices.

What this means for your enterprise is simple: make your website more mobile-friendly. A website that is not mobile-optimized could be missing out on sales, traffic, and conversions. The way to do this is to create a mobile version of your site, develop responsive web design, and make use of a WordPress plugin. Additionally, responsive web design maintains the SEO value of your site for users doing a search on their mobiles. 

Longer, richer content

With recent changes such as Penguin 2.0, it is in your best interest to create articles and content which are actually longer than 500 words. In fact, the longer the article, the more links it will get. SEO experts know that the strongest aspect in ranking algorithm is the quality and quantity of backlinks, which result in a higher ranking for articles that are longer.  In addition, longer and richer content makes for an increase in inbound links and, ultimately, more traffic to your website.

Richer content means that your articles need to be highly informative yet easy to digest and understand. Fluff or filler content is not the solution – it is better to create a few pieces of quality 1000+ word articles than it is to create a lot of articles which are 400 words or less.

Social media is in

Did you know that as of November, 2012, Facebook had a membership of around 1.2 billion? With this vast number of users, your enterprise needs to improve its social media presence. Jump onto the social media bandwagon with a vengeance – make use of social share buttons, create a network, and post regular updates. Whilst social media networking may not specifically impact your SEO campaign, it still contributes to your exposure to Internet users.

In planning major changes to your SEO campaign or taking part in a new SEO strategy, it is always good to work with trusted and competent SEO London experts. Before you know it, your online presence will have grown by leaps and bounds. 


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