9 Summer Marketing Ideas to Heat Up Sales

The summer season is the perfect time for online ecommerce stores to offer sales, run summer campaigns, and implement new marketing ideas to engage old and new customers. Summer season tends to be slower season for online shopping. But, due to corona pandemic, online shopping is booming, we all are noticing rapid increase in websites traffic and sales. So, if you are an owner of online store then wait no more and implement the following marketing ideas to engage your customers and boost sales conversions.

Make the Best of Back to School Campaign

Towards the end of the summer, back-to-school campaigns present businesses with another great opportunity to reach heights of sales. Parents are eagerly looking forward to two-in-one deals or freebies, which can help them make the most of their money. You can seize the opportunity to pair up your discounted items or regular products with school-associated freebies, such as water bottles, pouches, etc.

Free Shipping

The second enticing aspect that you can add to your ecommerce store is free shipping. At times, customers may be leaving your page despite having their carts full. Perhaps, they might be unconvinced of paying the additional amount on their favorite stuff in the form of delivery charges. Hence, what you can do is, incorporate a feature of triggering a free shipping message during the website or app development of your platform. So, every time that a buyer is leaving the page without ordering anything all.

Opt For Dropshipping

Are you aware of the idea of dropshipping? Dropshipping is basically handing over the packaging and shipping job to someone else while you can focus more on optimizing your advertising strategies.

With this idea, you have plenty of time to look for better marketing strategies and increase your revenue. You can also avoid the hustle of packing and shipping the products.

Dropshipping saves you time and energy that could be invested in enhancing productivity.

Distribute Freebies

Similarly, another great way of inviting newer customers is to offer freebies with every purchase. Offer minimally-priced goodies to everyone who purchases anything at all from your ecommerce store. In this way, more and more people will be willing to try out your product during summers and avail of the extra free goodies part. If your product’s quality impresses them enough, you might as well convert them to loyal customers for a long time.

Encourage Upgrades (Up-Sell!)

If your product or service range involves variants of the same things or levels of quality, then up-selling may as well be a promising option for you during summers. By definition, up-selling refers to a marketing technique wherein the seller invites the user or client to purchase more expensive items, as compared to their current choice. Naturally, you ought to mention the added benefits of the premium product.

For example, if you sell cooling fans, you could market high-end options to your audience as they are about to make a purchase. Add options like add $100 to get XYZ feature or XYZ percent greater efficiency. Now, this would convince your audience that only slightly leveling up their budget could bring them an entirely advanced product.

Run a Contest

Contests are the most efficient way to create a buzz and excitement about your product. If possible, manage launch events for your product. Keep the events open for all and encourage everyone to participate in the contests.

Events are an organized way to interact with your customers. You can invite your loyal customers, social media influencers as guests and let them share their experience.

Showcase Top Sellers

It is human nature that we will prefer to opt for the product that most people use. Displaying your top sellers might persuade the buyer to develop an interest in these products too.

Additionally, with the help of app development tools, you can suggest some products to your customer to complement the item he is interested to purchase. But before that, your website should be developed well enough to attract customers and engage them. You can use graphics maker tools to enhance the website interface.

Reward Customer Loyalty

It is a kind gesture to appreciate your loyal customers and award them with something they really like. You should keep a track of your online purchases and therefore, you should also keep a record of your loyal customers. Such customers are already contributing to building up your revenue so they are your important asset, and you can’t afford to ignore them.

You can offer discounts, giveaways, gift vouchers to your loyal customers and request them to share their shopping experience with friends, fellows, and colleagues.

Involve Interactive Assistants

Interactive assistants fundamentally refer to chatbots, recommendation engines, configurators, and assessments. Incorporating these into your website or platform will assist the shopping experience of your clientele, helping them feel welcomed and at ease. Naturally, a convenient shopping experience will have them come back over and over again.

Author Bio:
Shawn Mack is a content writer who offers ghostwriting, copy-writing, and blogging services.His educational background in business and technical field has given him a broad base from which to approach many topics. He is also fond of writing interesting articles on technology & digital marketing related topics.


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