6 cool WordPress plugins to make your images and videos MORE attractive

Cool WordPress Plugins

Is your site one of those boring blogs with no images , no multimedia and no proper styling ? Do you want to take your blog’s look to the next level ? Damn it , is that even a question ? Who does not want to improve their blog’s looks . Keep Reading and you’ll be surprised . What if you I told you that the plugins , I am going to mention are fast loading . You feel happy , right ? Now what if I told you that the plugins are responsive too . Are you dancing ? Chill , sit down . And start enjoying the list . Note:- All of these plugins are available in the WordPress plugins repository for free. Some plugins also have paid versions with extra features . Just in case , I missed any of this sort of *awesome* plugins , then please let me know .

1. WOW Slider

WOW Slider seriously makes you go “WOW , what the heck did I just see ” . Yeah! It is that awesome . Features:-

  • Lot’s of themes to choose from
  • Desktop wizard that can be download to your pc
  • Comes in 20+ languages
  • Compatible with all browsers
  • Can be used on touch devices too

Unlike other slider plugin , this is some thing unique . You have lot’s of themes to choose from . Basically in this slider , you need to download a wizard to your computer. After making your slider , you can either store it locally or upload it to Facebook . That is something to rejoice about , right ?

2. Cyclone Slider 2

Cyclone Slider 2 is very different from WOW SLIDER . Features:-

  • Multiple Slideshow Functionality
  • Drag and Drop functionality
  • 20+ Transitions
  • jQuery supported

This plugin not only comes with Drag and Drop functionality but also comes with a functionality called Short Code . You can use custom post types and custom fields to store settings . The Media uploader should be used for the images . If you are creative enough , you can create your own template too . 🙂

3. Responsive Slider

  • Very user friendly interface
  • Slides can be hyper linked
  • You can control the order in which the sliders appear .
  • It can be integrated with any theme .

This plugin is a damn simple plugin that lets you set up your slider easily . As this slider can be integrated easily with any theme , this plugin is the best there is .

4. Responsive Video

  • YouTube an Vimeo Compatible only
  • Shortcode functionality
  • Custom Title and Description feature

This plugin allows you to add single or multiple videos to any kind of post , custom post type , custom fields using short codes . There are a few drawbacks in this plugin , one of these is that you cannot categorize the video post type .

5. Fluid Video Embeds

  • Youtube and Vimeo Compatible only
  • Original Aspect Ratio maintained
  • Shortcode Functionality

This awesome plugin has no specific Settings page . It simply overrides the max-width for embeds in “Settings” > “Media”. You can decorate the videos with a little bit of css knowledge .

6.Simple Responsive Images

  • Creates Responsive Images
  • Affects every image generated with wp_get_attachment_image
  • Optionally specify a div ID or class to target

This plugin is the weirdest of all . Unlike other plugins , this plugin does not generate Sliders . This plugin turns your images into responsive ones and re sizes them according to the screen size .

Last words:

So now you have a list of plugins that you can use now to make your blog looks better. So what are you waiting for? Enough of enough , now don’t waste your time instead implement these plugins and electrify your blog . Tell me what do you think about these plugins? DO you have any other suggestions? Leave all your questions in the comments below. I will be happy to help you. I really check every comment.


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