The 5 Best WordPress LMS Plugins to Watch Out in 2022?

Today, the notion of business and technology is evolving faster than ever before. A learning management system (LMS) can help your employees and your business keep up a fast pace. You need to create exciting courses, practice critical skills, educate your allies and customers, and more often than not, you can even monetize your knowledge. The right LMS can make it easy and progressive to adapt to changing needs.

If you’re involved in business nowadays, you’ll probably have a skills acquaintance. The pace of change in technology and business virtually guarantees it. But few other business leaders tend to understand what matters a lot in addressing all the relevant parameters of custom LMS development and vice versa. To make your WordPress site into an online learning platform with Udemy, you can use an LMS plugin. You don’t have to write a single line of code.

These plugins help you build, manage, and sell online courses via your dashboard. So, in this article, we’ll talk about some of the best WordPress LMS plugins on the market right now.


Edivently is a popular and robust learning management system, or LMS, the plugin for WordPress built to transform your site into an academy. It provides simple and intuitive features that make it easier for you to design and impart courses. Instead of your subject area, you have chosen an instructor to ensure high student engagement. In the same instance, it seems to be quite an efficient and effective system that helps you generate a steadfast income stream.

For example, a good example of its ease of use as a drag and drop course builder is that to ensure that most of your time goes into developing the content, this builder enables you to quickly develop multi-tier structures for multiple courses along with the lesson plans, topics, assignments, and quizzes.

myCred LearnDash

The 5 Best WordPress LMS Plugins to Watch Out in 2022?

myCred LearnDash addon is an integrated WordPress addon that allows users to spend and gain points on courses, lessons, topics, and quizzes. This plugin enables users to create their courses via the LearnDash plugin, and the remaining aspects are covered by the integrated myCred addon.

Hence, the users can easily manage the user logs and point balances from one single dashboard. This plugin automatically awards points to your users who enable myCred’s available hooks to award your users with points whenever they have completed specific goals or actions.


The 5 Best WordPress LMS Plugins to Watch Out in 2022?

MemberPress is a full-fledged WordPress membership plugin that is well-suited for those who tend to charge users for their specified range of content. However, the WordPress Agency’s pre-built features for development classify this plugin as a powerful and robust solution for WordPress LMS integration.

Using MemberPress, you can easily build your curriculum via its user-friendly drag and drop interface. The prominent feature of this plugin is the classroom mode, which is a ready-built online classroom. MemberPress lacks the wide variety of custom design options that other plugins offer and its extensive features in a seamless manner.

Sensei LMS

The 5 Best WordPress LMS Plugins to Watch Out in 2022?

Sensei LMS was built by the individuals behind WooCommerce and shared many similarities. It’s a built-in extension for WooCommerce that works similarly to developing an online store. Sensei LMS is an easier-to-use WordPress plugin than many other WordPress LMS plugin choices, but it is also less powerful in certain ways. You can also build and sell online courses. You can also use video and audio, host courses on your WordPress website, and all the relevant things, but you will require WooCommerce and WordPress plugins for it all to work.

It doesn’t include a payment gateway or many relevant features, but the WooCommerce plugins can easily provide these for a specific price. If you aren’t familiar with building a WooCommerce store, which is one of the most popular eCommerce plugins, and managing products, managing online courses with such a plugin is considered simplistic. Hence, it is simple to use and easy to populate, but not the most advanced option around the globe.


The 5 Best WordPress LMS Plugins to Watch Out in 2022?

LearnPress is a freemium WordPress LMS plugin that comes integrated with all the necessary relevant features. Instead of many other LMS plugins on the list, LearnPress comes equipped with all the installation wizards that make the onboarding process easier for users of all levels.

It constitutes a simple course builder that enables you to create multiple courses and also export or import courses from multiple websites via LearnPress. The core plugin is considered lightweight, but you can further extend it with powerful and robust extensions.

Wrapping Up!

Certainly, the aforementioned plugins provide you with comprehensive benefits for incorporating online LMS tactics on your WordPress site. Hence, the LMS plugins provide you with a variety of benefits to boost your brand identity to the next level.

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The 5 Best WordPress LMS Plugins to Watch Out in 2022?




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