4 Ways to Boost Your Student Blog

Student blogger blogging at home

Whether you’re studying for a degree in digital marketing, taking English as a major or even studying at home for your RN to MSN online degree, starting a student blog can be an amazing way to make some extra money. It also looks awesome on a graduate resume. But, with so many student blogs out there to compete against, ensuring that yours is a success will take some hard work and dedication. We’ve put together some top tips to help you boost your student blog.

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Get Your Blog On Social Media 

When it comes to promoting your student blog, there is no more powerful tool than social media. Simply sharing your latest blog post on your personal Facebook page will generate interest from your college friends, and those who really loved reading it might even share it with their friends, too. Or, creating a separate social media page for your blog can often generate more followers from the general public, as well as students from other colleges who’re interested in the things that you have to say.

Find a Niche

If you’ve simply been blogging about the general student life and problems that all students face, then you may get some interest, but your competition is going to be much fiercer. In order to improve this situation for yourself, finding a niche is advisable, as this will allow you to home in on a smaller group of students who you understand well and provide them with information that they may not be able to find elsewhere. For example, if you are studying for an MSN in nursing administration at Bradley University, you might want to consider blogging for nursing students, or even for nursing students at the master’s level.

Get an App

As a student blogger, once your blog grows in popularity, you might want to consider creating an app that your readers can use. With an app, which are often cheaper than you may realize to develop, you can then send your dedicated readers notifications when you upload new content and push messages encouraging them to purchase the items or services that you advertise on your site through affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, guest posts, and more.

Be Mobile-Friendly

If developing an app for your student blog is not yet in the budget, it’s hugely important that you ensure that your blog is mobile-friendly. This is especially important if your blog is targeting other students, as you will probably know from experience that most young people today aren’t interested in reading something if they have to fiddle around zooming in on their smartphone screen. A mobile-friendly, responsible blog design will not only improve your reputation with your readers and encourage them to come back, but it will also help to improve your blog’s SEO and boost your ranking in Google.

Running a student blog can be a very profitable hobby whilst at college. However, in order to reap the most rewards from your blogging efforts, it’s vital that you put a lot of effort into reaching your audience and holding their attention.


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