WordPress MU for J! Language Bug

I have received multiple tickets from people who have had problems getting WordPress MU for Joomla! to use another language. I thought I tested this feature and and got it to work, but I checked again. Yes, there is a bug. Fortunately, it is still possible to get it working without waiting for a new version release.

Here are the steps to take:

  1. Download the .mo language file in your language. For more info click here
  2. Create a folder /languages/ on your server here: /media/wpmu/ and here /components/com_wpmu/wp-content/
  3. Drop the .mo file you downloaded into both language folders.
  4. Go to the WordPress dashboard, then go to the site global configuration. Towards the end of the config page you should see a new option / dropdown where you can choose your language. Save it.
  5. Edit the configuration of the specific blog by clicking on the Blogs menu item under the Site Admin menu.
  6. Under Blog Options, you will see an option called: WPLANG. Change the value of this option to whatever your language is. If it Spanish, for example, change it to: es_ES
  7. Put that same es_ES into the wp-config.php file. For instructions for this step, check out this page.

Sorry for the bug! Any new blogs you create should have the right language attached to them so you won’t have to edit the new blogs. Note: You will still have to edit every existing blog.


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