WordPress MU for Joomla! Release

I spent most of today fixing bugs for WPMU4J! and adding new features.

This release focuses mainly on bug fixes. The main bug dealt with locating blogs. Some users reported that the component showed a white page with an error message when it tried to find a specific blog. Pretty annoying! In case you are interested, this happened because the blog was registered under the domain name (ie. example.com). Therefore, the blog worked every time that the users visited example.com, but when they visited www.example.com the error would show up. The reverse would happen if the blog was set up as www.example.com. This registration initially happens at the time of installation. Regardless, this problem is now fixed.

There was another minor issue dealing with roles when posts were saved – it’s now fixed too.

In addition to the bug fixes, I added two features:

  1. An administrator can add new blogs and assign users to administer them.
  2. An administrator can also add other users to other blogs, so that more than one user can post into the same blog.
  3. The dashboard will no longer say “Back to Joomla!” (people don’t know what Joomla! is!) – so now it reads “Back to (the name of your blog)”

For those of you who have already used the component, there has been an additional change. If you’ve tried managing users from WordPress MU, you may have grown accustomed to seeing all of the users when you went to “Authors & Users.”  This is no longer the case. To make the above functionality work, we had to move the user management to a per-blog basis. If you want to edit a certain field of a user, you must first go to their blog and click on “Authors & Users”.

Finally, an ugly warning used to show up when saving a post. This is fixed in the new version. I have also put in a fix to remove the error from appearing in the future, but the fix does not seem to work every time the component is installed. If you have trouble, please submit a support ticket that includes access to your database and I’ll fix the problem for you.

We are also working on an awesome plugin for WordPress MU (to be released hopefully by the end of the month). Keep your eyes peeled – we are extremely excited about it!



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