WordPress for Joomla!

When you do things right, you will stand out.

WordPress for Joomla! is out! We have added some great new features. Most of the features were requested by you! Before I start listing them out, I’d like to say that everyone is very happy with this extension! Some problems have arisen, but overall everyone seems extremely happy. I hope that this post reaches the people who have given us one star on JCE…Please tell me what part of this extension deserves a one star rating!
Back to the good stuff:

New Features

  • “Integration” to Joomla articles
  • Added breadcrumb information
  • Migration from myBlog now available (imports posts, categories, tags, comments)
  • Clear sh404sef cache for the blog only 🙂

Bug Fixes

  • Edited plugin link, now links correctly
  • Ajax post URL
  • Links from plugins that add links to the admin menu are now fixed
  • Fixed blog titles not showing correctly when using All in One SEO Pack
  • Fixed some paths when running on a Windows server
  • Fixed path to smiles
  • Fixed front end users not able to access WP-Admin component
  • Smaller text-area box by default 60 columns
  • Double encoding of some characters – Fix coming soon!

To come

  • More Plugins
  • Sync users button – will allow syncing of non existing users and updating of current user information.
  • Better installation script
  • Support for more SEF extensions
  • JomSocial plugins
  • A WordPress for Joomla! Template How-To Guide

That’s all, folks. Hope you like this update!
If you have made customizations to the WordPress template, the only file updated in this release is the header.php file


WordPress MU, here we come!


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