Why blogger search for responsive themes

Responsive themes are the need of the hour and therefore everybody is making the changes in their site including bloggers. When everybody is using their Smartphones to browse online, then it is wise to have responsive themes for your site.

Let us explain what exactly responsive theme is then you will yourself understand why all of a sudden everybody is talking about responsive themes. Responsive themes are something that fits into every display whether it is a 5-inch Smartphone screen or the 21-inch screen.

You must have witnessed many blogging sites do not provide you with the same experience when you are working on your desktop and sometimes on your Smartphone.

Be prepared for the responsive themes to take over

If you have not yet made any changes to your blogging site, then do it as fast as you can, because the more you delay the more you lose out on the traffic. People who are using their Smartphones to go through blogging sites won’t be able to access your site properly and that way you will be giving out the wrong signals to your users making them feel unimportant. It is high time that you wake up to the call of the hour and make the changes to fit in all kinds of users for your site.

Reasons why Responsive themes are better than others

How your blog performs can be decided by how you design your web and whether you have incorporated responsive themes in your site or not. If you are still thinking about the implementation of responsive themes, then here are several reasons for making the change happen:

  • Presentation –Some random people visit your site once and if they like the way your blogs are presented then most likely they will soon start following your site regularly. When they are visiting your site for the first time they must be impressed by the design and the way the blogs are presented. WordPress Themes are available from where you can make your pick and if you have created the site with the help of some website –builder then make sure that you inform this free website builder what your blog is all about and they will design it accordingly.
  • Traffic – With each passing day you will be receiving more and more traffic in the form of Smartphone users. Mostly people browse on their Smartphones these days as they can do so on the go. People are getting busier by the day they will have less time to sit in front of the desktop to check your blogs. They will be doing it mostly from their Smartphones so if you are not using responsive themes for your blogs then you will be losing out on this huge traffic.
  • Maintaining uniformity – When you are using responsive themes for your blog sites that mean you are presenting the same thing for all kinds of users starting from Smartphone users, tablets, PC or laptops.
  • Monetization – Responsive themes not only adjusts to every screen size, but it also adjusts the ads too. If the screen is smaller than the ads are placed differently compared to the big screen. Website builder will ensure that you have the best responsive themes that are offered by WordPress so that you do not find it difficult to adjust to anything.
  • Financially viable – Website builder is making it a point to provide every user with responsive themes so that they can benefit from it.

Now is the time to get everything, responsive to your site so that you do not lose out on the traffic and ultimately in the ranking.

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