Welcome Our All-New ‘corePHP’ Website!

The all-new 'corePHP' webs tie

At ‘corePHP’, most of our time is spent working on other peoples’ websites, so we are thrilled this week to announce the all-new ‘corePHP’ website! We hope you like the new place, with a fresh new design style, evolving from our last design, as well as new product icons and more. It’s been a couple years since our last update.

We felt with the launch of paGO Commerce, our newest e-commerce software extension, timing would be just right for the next evolution for the ‘corePHP’ website. Here’s a quick run-down of a few of the new ‘corePHP’ website highlights:

Watch for more improvements to the ‘corePHP’ website over the coming weeks and months, especially in the Support Area, as well as an improved check-out process, further accessibility improvements, our ‘corePHP’ Blog, and more.


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