User Experience Is Everything: 7 Golden Rules of Modern Web Design

When the Internet was new, web design wasn’t a concern. But, as the web has evolved into a necessity, design has become vital. With thoughtful design, users stick around and become regular visitors. Solid design will market your business on its very own merit.

Whether you are using a platform like Wix, you should follow the rules of modern web design to create a beautiful site that encourages users to come back again and again.

Understand how the eye moves around the page

The eye does not look at everything equally. In fact, studies have found that the eye tends to start at the upper left corner of a website, then moves around to the biggest items. So, the most important item on the page should be near the top left, then the rest of the items should be placed smartly with large items directing the eye around the screen.

Limit choices

When there are too many choices, people tend to avoid making one. If you want people to place orders on your website, you should limit the choices that show up on the screen. Maybe you have 50 things for sale, but you only showcase five at a time. Group them together make the choices seem even easier to select.

Make the important things big

If you want people to pay attention to items on the screen, make them large. Think of your music app on your phone; the most important part – the play button – is usually the biggest thing on the page. The biggest things on the page should be photos, so your viewers can see what you are marketing.

Rule of thirds

This is a classic design element in the world of photography. It prevents people from perfectly centering items on the page. This same design element should live on in web design and the most important thing should not be front and center but should be off to the side in the middle of one of the thirds.

Don’t forget white space

When a website is crowded, people do not know where to look. White space helps them determine what matters on the page. White space is the space on your website that does not have words or images in it – even if the space is not white. You should use more than you think you need to keep your website balanced.

Proximity matters

When you put similar things next to each other, people notice. You can sell more things by pairing them up. The eye is always looking for patterns and similarity helps make the eye happy. The human brain is able to close up items that are incomplete, as long as enough information is there. So, offer people opportunities to use their brains in fun ways.

Keep it simple

Simple design rules the world. Consider how popular minimalistic design is and use the ideas online. Limit your colors and fonts. Keep the lines clean and your page free of clutter. Use large images and icons that are necessary.


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