The Ultimate Responsive Web Design Tools for Designers– Part II

Now, we have reached the second part of the series where we will continue with some more important grid systems and frameworks you may need for your responsive web design process. We will then continue with the JavaScript and jQuery plugins which are very important to give your website the advanced responsive features which it deserves.

Responsive web design is not just for the sake of the visitors but also for the designers who give a lot of time and brain in creating the websites. Can you imagine the pain of designing and developing individual website layouts for different devices? How much time will it take and how much money will you need to spend for that? Responsive web design can manage the entire matter with just a single layout which will dynamically adapt to various browser and device sizes with ease. Just a little bit of intelligent coding, that’s it.

Grid Systems & Frameworks



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SproutCore is an outstanding front-end framework which can help you create innovative user experience saving precious hours of development work.


Grumby Responsive Framework

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Grumby is another powerful responsive CSS framework with built-in UI kits following the latest web design trends.


Toast CSS Framework

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Toast is a 12 column responsive grid CSS framework which focuses on pure simplicity and ease of use. Each and every feature in Toast have got its own CSS, so that you can pick and edit whatever you want and need to.



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It comprises of 5 modules of JavaScript files which can allow you to create rich and innovative user experience with animation effects, audio, and much more.


JavaScript & jQuery Plugins


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Adapt.js, by Nathan Smith, is a lightweight JavaScript library which serves to be an excellent alternative to the CSS media queries and proves to be a great solution for responsiveness.



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It is yet another light-weight JavaScript library which gives you the right tools for creating awesome mobile-ready responsive designs.



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FitText is a very tiny JavaScript tool which gives your website the capability of automatically resizing the text and headlines when the browser window is resized.



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Respond.js, an extremely tiny JavaScript tool – 3KB minified and 1KB gzipped, mainly focuses on giving responsive support to websites running on old browsers like IE which do not support CSS media queries.


The discussion on the JavaScript and jQuery plugins doesn’t end here and we will have the next part of the series completely dedicated to it. So, stay tuned for the upcoming part of the series as we are going to present some really exciting JavaScript and jQuery tools for you.


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