Top 5 Amazing Industries That Need Most Graphic Designers

Almost in every industry, there is a rising demand for graphic designers. In today’s online landscape, where a virtual presence is mandatory for every business, there is an increased demand for high-quality graphic design templates, images, and videos. Marketing and advertising are the industries that provide designers with many projects/assignments, but these are not the only industries that hire graphic designers.

If you’re good at graphic design, you can make a career out of it in many popular industries. There are also many industries that you may never have imagined that require graphic designers. When you plan a career in this field, you might have predetermined working with gaming or advertising companies. These are the fields where skilled people like you remain in high demand. But these are not only the industries where graphic designers like you shine.

You may think that graphic designers work majorly in publishing, marketing, and web design. But there are other industries as well that need people with creative flairs for various designing needs.

Here we are going to discuss five industries that need graphic designers —


The education industry is one of the known industries where graphic designers can use their expertise to impart related education to other professionals. In fact, they can become lecturers and art teachers. Even the designers who have worked in the field for several years can use their experience to secure a position at a local community college or art school.

The education industry provides an excellent option for those who love working with students, organizing lesson plans, and giving lectures. This field is beneficial for people of various teaching levels. Besides good pay, they can garner other benefits too.

If you’re someone from a design background, you can choose teaching as a career option. You can teach students to create covers, illustrations, and school/college magazine designs.

Entry into the teaching field requires you to get a teaching degree as well as certification. With the ongoing pandemic situation, you can conduct online classes and teach designing skills to students where you can tell them how to make a logo and other creative pieces.

User Experience

No web design is considered good if it lacks usability or renders a bad user experience. Therefore, web designers need no stone unturned to focus on this significant section. For graphic designers, this particular niche can be transformed into a rewarding career opportunity. People like you with a graphic design background can find UX quite exciting. You can merge both — skills in graphic design and familiarity with best practices to help evaluate the user experience of any site. In recent years, the web design industry has been booming. UX (user experience) will continue to be an essential part of web design and customer service. As a designer, you can make a product/service usable, enjoyable as well as accessible.

Mobile App Design

For many graphic designers, designing a game is the ultimate stoppage. But mobile application design does the same thing for them and requires the same skills. This gives graphic designers another career opportunity. In recent years, mobile design has grown exponentially, and it will continue to grow as more and more prefer this device to do a multitude of tasks.

Mobile application design includes designing games, tools, and other usability apps that users need to perform various tasks. This industry has a boom in graphic designer needs as mobile apps happen to be both user-friendly and agile. The sector, however, is evolving day by day and opening up new avenues for mobile app designers.

Government Agencies

The government sector is yet another field where graphic designers are high in demand. As compared to private sectors, government jobs provide many benefits. It also offers a higher salary than private jobs. In every level of government job, you can find graphic design positions. Government agencies hire graphic designers for creating signage, letterhead, and website design.

The mode of employment remains either contract or project-by-project based in many government jobs. Design companies working as government contractors may work for many government bodies. Being a designer in a government agency means conveying your message in a visual format to the masses on several subjects and topics.

Packaging and Manufacturing

After government agencies, packaging and manufacturing industries require graphic designers for various purposes. In this sector, designers need to create branding and messaging for easy products identification. Packaging design helps customers identify a particular brand. It’s the responsibility of the graphic design team to pick specific colors, shapes, and typography for cohesive brand recognition. No matter how many products are there on a shelf, a customer can quickly identify the brand they may need by looking at its packaging.

Designers are some of the most versatile professionals on earth. From corporations, small businesses, and NGOs all of whom require design services. Even the rising industry of cannabis requires designers, before every cannabis investing, packaging design, and branding are taken into consideration. Working with a cannabis company can be the perfect opportunity to make your career move.

The manufacturing industry needs designers to help in selling its products. They also need design skills for other tasks relevant to their offerings. For some products, user manuals or user instructions are required. For example, if a product needs to be installed, a designer comes in handy to create the drawings or instructions. These industries also open up new opportunities for graphic designers to create catalogs and e-Commerce websites. What makes it interesting is that designers can use graphic design templates or show their own creative flair.

Online sites dealing with custom clothes can require their creative skills to create designs based on trending topics. All in all, there is no shortage of job opportunities for designers in packaging and manufacturing companies.


Almost every industry requires graphic designers. Based on your interest or inclination, you can choose a sector that utilizes your creative flair to the fullest. Be it a private agency or a government body, conveying messages in visual format is a must as it reaches the masses quickly. From teaching to prototyping, graphic design has immense uses. All you have to do is to choose an industry and a profession that perfectly suits you.

So don’t wait! Pick any of the earlier said industries and make a bright graphic design career.


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