Tips to Drive More Traffic To Your Landing Page: SEO Insights for Joomla

Joomla has been widely used globally by many designers that make it the second-largest CMS platform used by more than 2.5 million people from all over the world. The biggest aim of every business website is to generate organic traffic that helps in driving sales. This goal cannot be achieved without integrating SEO on your website.

There are specific SEO strategies that improve your brand sales bit like every other tactic; only 20% of these are active and contribute towards the overall ranking of your site. SEO is not an option but an essential element for websites today due to the swift surge in the number of websites every day.

SEO for Joomla platform is a bit different than other website SEOs but can be done easily. All you are required to do is effectively understand the tips we are sharing with you and implement them on your CMS site. This comprehensive list of strategies will support you in increasing your website ranking on the search engine. So, let’s get started.

6 Tips to improve your Joomla website’s SEO to drive more traffic


Using Rich Snippet on Your Site

The rich snippet can be defined as the “structured data markup that website operators add to their existing HTML”. This helps the search engines to comprehend the type of information or content present on that website’s pages. This markup on your website helps in producing more prosperous result on search engines allowing the user to find relevant information easily.

Schema markup is a simple code that aid s the search engine to comprehend the type of content present on your site. Rich snippets increase the ranking of your website on google, allowing it to crawl your website at a faster rate.

Moreover, if it is optimized in a better way, your site can be featured in the Google knowledge graph. Using structured data for your site also helps in displaying meta details, author information, ratings rather than showing only meta description that inspires the visitors to click on your website immediately.

Tweaking SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URLs

Another way to make your Joomla website user friendly is merely tweaking how the URLs are displayed. Previously the websites URLs on Joomla were quite disordered like

This makes it difficult for the google search engines to crawl through your website. Therefore, it is essential to have URLs that make sense to humans. This is called search engine friendly URLs that are spotless and readable. You can easily convert your site’s old URLs into a readable form, making it optimized. All you must do is log in to your admin panel and quest for global configuration area.

Permit User-friendly or URL rewriting which will delete the index.php part of your URL. When you enable the user-friendly option, it will emit all the irrelevant characters and replace it with the menu list. SEO is entirely useless if your site has a link that is disorganized and does not relate to your business. This tip will surely help in keeping your business site on the top.

Right Server Types

This is a significant step for driving more traffic on your website. Check the server you are using for hosting your Joomla website. If it an IIS (Windows) server then using Mac on it will not be the right choice for configuring and installing. The key reason is that URL rewriting cannot work well with any module that IIS server use. You will be encountering some setup issues when using a shared hosting account. With windows server working on Joomla is a nightmare.

That’s why it is recommended to choose the right server for easy installation and configuration of Joomla website and SEO. Apache is the most preferred server for Joomla with the integration of the mod_rewrite module.

Optimum Quality Content

Content is the main factor that attracts the audience to your website. It needs to be relevant and original. For shooting up your Joomla website’s SEO, you need to create high-quality content with the right keyword density. It would be best if you emphasize on writing engaging content that is according to your viewer’s interest. Use images or videos in your content as it helps in attracting visitors towards your site. Also, ensure that your website content is SEO friendly.

You can enhance your content by using page title, subheading, adding links, using keywords as well as adding images or videos. Learn more about strategies for creating SEO friendly content.

Use Social Signals

Another effective strategy for driving more traffic and improving the SEO ranking of your website is by using social signals. Basically, a social signal is a metric that measures how many people are engaging with your content on your social media pages such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.

It evaluates how you keep your visitors involved for a long time through your content, likes, dislikes, shares or votes. Using Social signals are essential as it has an indirect as well as a direct influence on the SEO ranking on search engines.

Actively Cache Your Joomla Site

The final step for making your Joomla website improve for search engines is to cache your site dynamically. Your Joomla site can be easily cached, making your site loading much quicker.

Whenever you visit a site for the first time, it takes longer to load the page and the images. Caching helps in remembering all the information on that webpage, making the loading much rapid. There is an incorporated plugin on Joomla that turn on caching for your page content and URLs.


SEO of website at CMS or any other platform is never an easier task to do. We have shared the most useful tips for driving more traffic to your Joomla website, helping it to rank among the leading website on a Google search engine.

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