The Three Best Technologies for Home Inspectors in 2020

There’s no disputing that technology is advancing more rapidly than ever before and is transforming entire industries. In 2020, using the right tech is essential for every business, and for home inspectors, there is a wide range of cutting-edge tools and resources that should be used. The right technology used at the right time can make your home inspection services faster, more professional, and more efficient than ever. If you’ve been avoiding how much technology can give your business a boost because you’re not very adept with computers, the good news is that it’s never been easier to adopt technology use and learn to use it well. Here are the technologies that are essential for home inspectors in 2020, and they might be easier to use than you think.

Software and Reporting

There is now software available for almost every business process. Every day, it seems like there is some new app or piece of software that can streamline business management and free up time. However, home inspectors are a branch of the property sector that has proven to be slow to adopt the rapid use of the right tech.

Consider your home inspection reports, and how long they can take to create manually, especially if you’re thorough with adding images to your reports.

If you’d rather spend more time in the field than writing reports in the office, then look at the best home inspection tools like ISN. This is the type of tech that you should be looking at that can free up your day while ensuring that you only deliver the very best in home inspection reports. Not only will you be able to avoid being tied to your desk all day, but you also benefit from more:

  • Productivity: By using the right reporting tools, you can integrate your office setup directly into the tool you’re using, making it easier and quicker to embed the necessary information without any difficulty. This can make you much more productive and capable of producing reports faster and more professionally.
  • Performance: By using a complete reporting tool, you don’t have to wait for slow processing or report generation. By being an all-in-one solution, you get to automatically create highly detailed and complex reports that come with your choice of rich imagery. Personalized configuration of your reporting tools can be easy to manage and launch, making it easier than ever to publish and share your reports with those that need them.

Home inspection businesses will always need to place a high priority on their ability to produce reports quickly, effectively, and in detail. Using the right software options means that you can deliver without wasting time traditionally spent in the office.

Thermal Imagery

Thermography may not be something that your home inspection business offers right now, but it certainly should be. As consumers become more focused on their carbon footprint, they are looking more at homes that are energy efficient. Not only can energy efficiency make a property more eco-friendly, but it also helps to reduce running costs. Home inspectors that aren’t yet offering thermal imaging are losing potential customers; by adding this to your service options and reporting, you can help your customers identify both energy waste and any potential issues with damp. Using thermal imaging means that you can:

  • Determine the effectiveness of attic insulation
  • Detect air leaks at access points
  • Identify water issues in basements

You can invest in an expensive camera that has been designed for thermal imagery, but you might be surprised by the effectiveness of basic options that can be downloaded to your phone. That instantly makes this new service easy to provide while remaining distinctly affordable. If you aren’t yet offering thermal imagery services, then it’s definitely time to start looking closer.

Drone Tech

Roof inspections are often the bane of the home inspector’s day. Roof inspections can be frustrating and dangerous, and doing them manually means climbing ladders and walking on unstable surfaces. Drones are changing the industry for that very reason.

Not only does using a drone means that you can carry out your roof inspections from the safety of terra firma, but you’ll also find that the better drones come with cameras that allow you to take much better photos than if you were up on that roof with your phone.

Many home inspectors carry out roof inspections using nothing more than binoculars, or by accessing the attic and doing internal checks only. This is not effective, but drones allow you to get much closer to where you want to check, and they are more convenient than carrying a large ladder with you to every inspection job. You may want to brush up on your photography skills, though!

The technologies now available to home inspectors are exciting, innovative, and the key to faster business growth. If you think that you can grow your business while avoiding the latest technology solutions, then you might find that your forward-thinking competitors are going to start winning the contracts that you have previously relied on. If you want to grow in 2020, it might be time to start looking closer at all of the ways that technology can help you.



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