How Technology Can Streamline Your Web Business

There’s no denying that running a business of any kind is hard work, but a web business has so many different concerns compared to a brick-and-mortar facility. Whether you’re in the planning stages or are mixing up your marketing techniques after years in the industry, embrace the technology upon which you built your business and see new ways to improve.

Easily Manage All Your Applications

You already know how much you personally depend on apps, from checking your bank balance online to playing those silly games we all love on your phone. When it comes to your business, applications aren’t just cutesy little widgets, they’re essential functions that help your company survive day-to-day. It’s especially important in your unique circumstance because the computer and internet functionality are how you survive.

Rely on the Cloud

Any modern businessperson needs to embrace the cloud and stop being wary of it. Cloud-based functions are the way of the world and are an excellent alternative to physical paper storage for handling data. On top of that, reliable cloud-based services are safe and secure, taking your information and data as seriously as you do.

  • Platform as a server, or PaaS, is one example of how businesses can use the cloud to help maximize efficiency. It is a platform that business owners can purchase from service providers that enables them to plan, develop, run and maintain business apps without all the development and programming in the background. If it helps, consider it a bit like renting storage space.
  • The cloud doesn’t always refer to the storage of personal data; did you forget that software can be downloaded this way as well? Rather than purchase software out of a box from the electronics store, check out the manufacturer’s website and see if there is a downloadable option. CDs and even USB flash drives are slowly going the way of the VHS tape, which means that physical copies of software will become dust collectors before long.
  • Think about

Decide What Is and Is Not a Necessity

You’re the queen or king of this castle, which means that ultimately you know how best to rule your kingdom. Go through your applications and installed software and figure out what is and is not part of what you regularly use. Can you stand to part with any of it? Look at your list of installed programs on your hard drive and look at the date that tells you when you last used it. If the date is a year or older, it’s likely time to get rid of it. It’s always frustrating to spend a bunch of money on software that you thought you’d use only to find it wasn’t up to your expectations, but cut your losses. It’s only wasted space on your hard drive at this point.

Don’t Shy Away From Social Media

When Facebook launched in the early naughties, it kickstarted the way that humans across the globe interact with one another — and it left a drastic mark on the advertising industry too. Today there are social media platforms all over the internet, but don’t assume that they’re only good for chatting with high school acquaintances. Make sure that you register your business for as many social media accounts as you feel comfortable using to extend your reach in finding new clientele.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then kickstart those words by using this handy Facebook affiliate that is more or less a digital photo album. Selfies needn’t be front and center here: Post pictures of everything from what’s going on behind the scenes to what your dogs are up to as you try and manage orders. This can also help you to showcase your company culture and show off to consumers what your business is all about.


Sometimes less is more, a mantra that Twitter seems to abide by. Allowing you to post status updates consisting of 280 characters or less, some companies have found major success using clever tweets as a marketing tool. Best of all, when you have people retweeting you, then that’s free exposure for you.


Did you think that the giant digital corkboard was good for only cupcake recipes and fantasy weddings? Think again — Pinterest is a simple and effective way to show off your products/services and link back to your website at the same time. The lifetime of a pin is virtually endless, meaning that whatever you create has the potential to circulate for years.

Gather Opt-In Forms to Generate Email Marketing

Did you know that it’s against the law for companies to send out marketing materials if a customer has not explicitly okayed it? Keep this in mind when you decide to make use of email marketing to avoid a potential complaint with the BBB or worse, a lawsuit. Generate an opt-in form to get permission from your customers to start sending them emails; this is something you don’t want to miss out on because emails can be so effective as a sales tool. Think about all the places that email is readily available beyond a computer: On your phone, tablet, even your watch. With so many places for them to be seen, why wouldn’t you make use of email as an advertising tool?

Newsletters With Interesting Content

Nobody wants to waste time reading something boring. Send out monthly newsletters full of relevant, well-written content to keep customers engaged and look forward to the next one.

Sales Only Available to Email Subscribers

Exclusive promotions can help tighten a customer’s loyalty to you while helping to generate buzz about your company.

Announcements and Promotions

If there’s a big change coming, making clients aware of it well ahead of time is a smart idea. While you have their attention, why not let them know about any upcoming sales or promos?

Your goal is to get better every year, so give yourself a running start in making that goal achievable in the year ahead of you. Tech is your friend, helping you to manage difficult tasks and more easily run your business.


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