Steps To Increase Your Website Domain Authority

If you own a website, you definitely want it to be recognized by millions of people across the globe over the internet. You would want your business website to be ranked on the first spot of the search engines, be it Google or else.

So, now the question comes, how to increase the DA – Domain Authority of your website?

Well, this is the most common question that has been asked by website owners. However, they are a bit obsessed and excited about increasing the Domain Authority.

There are many factors that Google uses to determine the search engine ranking of websites. Domain authority is one of them.

What’s Domain Authority?

Domain Authority (DA) is a website metric developed by Moz. It predicts how likely your website is to rank on search engine result pages (SERPs).

The higher your DA is, the more likely you are to have high traffic and high rank.

The DA of a website is a score between 0 to 100 (the higher the better), which determines how well your website will rank on search engines.

Now, let me throw some light on facts about DA. This detailed information will help you understand exactly how you can improve your DA.

  • DA is reliable on various factors. However, giving backlinks on your webpage content to high authoritative sites will help you improve it.
  • It’s not an easy job to reach the 100th score of a DA. Websites like Google and Facebook have it, so never mind, if you can’t reach that level.
  • Difficult to increase DA. It can’t be increased like followers.

How is The Domain Authority Calculated?

As per Moz, the company has developed an algorithm that calculates the Domain Authority by considering the account in the following terms:

  1. A number of incoming links that indicate to your website.
  2. Authoritative of the website through which the backlinks are generated.
  3. Content quality and relevance of your web pages.
  4. The SEO performance of your website.
  5. The popularity of your domain on social media platforms.

These are just a few of the factors that are considered to calculate the DA score of your website. Moreover, you can also check the DA of your website by opening the Moz website.

So, now you must be wondering, what are the ways to improve the DA of your website?

How To Improve Your Website Domain Authority?

Now, we have reached the most important question of this article. Let’s see how you can improve your domain authority.

On a very basic level, what you have to do is:

  1. Remove bad links
  2. Gain good links

Let’s explain the first point here – Remove bad links.

This strategy is quite straightforward. You can get rid of the bad links with a request, and if that doesn’t work, you can disavow them. You are done here.

Now, let’s focus on the second one – gain good links.

Generally, you have two options.

  1. Connect with the digital marketing company that is versatile with SEO and content writing. This will help you secure high-quality legitimate backlinks, albeit, it’s not a cost-effective option, but the good one.
  2. Develop a site with high-quality content that elicited links by virtue of its awesomeness. That’s what I call Content Marketing.

Well, in this digital era, Content Marketing is one of the most effective solutions to increase the DA score. However, we are going to discuss the factors which might help you increase your DA score.

1. Create High-quality Links

If you are linking a high authoritative website to your site, it looks great in the eyes of search engines. You must create high-quality content that is search engine optimized on a regular basis.

Getting links from high authority websites is like a ‘recommendation’ that your website is high quality. However, you need to build these links naturally. You can surely achieve this by creating natural and unique content.

You should also be aware that the links from the spammy website with low DA will harm your DA rank. If you notice any spammers linking to your website, disavow them quickly, so Google will not penalize you for them.

The more informative quality content is, the more linkable it will be. Additionally, other factors that help you increase the quality of your content are to write blogs on a daily basis, videos, and infographics. Sometimes, tutorials also help you with that.

2. Perform a Link Audit

Actually, Google likes it if your website consists of many links from authoritative external websites. It will reward your website if backlinks are good ones, otherwise, penalize it. So, you have to make sure that your backlinks are of good quality.

And to analyze this, you have to perform a link audit for your website. You can check with the help of Ahrefs backlink checker and Ubersuggest.

These tools will check your website properly and give you information about backlinks. So, have a look at your backlinks, try to improve them, remove them, and focus on the ones from sites with a DA below 40.

Furthermore, with the help of Google’s Disavow tool, you can disavow any of the links and keep your website healthy. When you perform this, Google ignores those backlinks when generating SERPs.

3. Generate High-quality Content Others Can Link To

When you produce great content that others want to share, you increase your chances of getting backlinks from high-authority websites. Additionally, it will also increase your domain score, which is a significant factor in calculating your DA.

You can create articles, blogs, videos, podcasts, tutorials, webinars, presentations, infographics, and many more to enhance your DA. By looking at the most popular pages on your website, you can create similar content and talk about related topics. This way, you can generate more backlinks.

4. Mobile-friendly Website

Steps To Increase Your Website Domain Authority

A mobile-friendly website is one of the important factors which is used to improve SEO performance.

As we know, in this mobilized world, every user prefers to search through their mobile devices only. Therefore, it’s mandatory to have a mobile-friendly website. If your website is not mobile-responsive, then there are high chances of bounce rate. This means users will leave your website if they don’t mind appropriately. This results in a huge loss in the number of visitors.

You can use Google’s Mobile-friendly Test, whether your website is mobile-friendly or not. It will analyze your website and send you a detailed report to make the website more mobile-responsive.

This way, you don’t have to check every link on your website manually. You will find plenty of tools available which help you manage all your links in one place.

5. Increase Your Page Speed

Steps To Increase Your Website Domain Authority

Page speed is one of the important factors that affect Google’s ranking. The faster loading website is more preferable as compared to slower websites.

Improving your website loading speed will not only help you improve your DA score or Google rank, but it will also give a better user experience. This will convert into more leads and sales.

There are several factors that need to be considered while increasing page speed. If you are not a technical person or a developer, then it will be a difficult task for you.

You can also check your website page speed using Google’s Page Speed tool.

Steps To Increase Your Website Domain Authority

Never mind, if you can’t afford to hire a developer to increase your website loading speed, you can check the following:

  • Remove all the unnecessary plugins
  • Upgrade your website with their latest version
  • Ask your hosting provider to give you a report on your server’s performance. If it’s needed, then upgrade it with a more powerful server.
  • Use a caching plugin like w3total cache
  • Use optimized images
  • Use a streaming service like YouTube for videos
  • Use a CDN in case you have large CSS files and many images

6. Increase Your Social Signals

Albeit, Google has stated many times that social signals are not the part of Google Ranking algorithm, there is a clear correlation between social signals and the pages that rank high on Google.

Because popular pages tend to have more social media connections and interactions as compared to the pages with low ranks.

Social signals will improve your domain authority and the chance of ranking in search engines.

Hence, start promoting your content on social media platforms. Encourage your audience to like, share and comment on it.

For that, you have to follow the given steps:

  • Work on your social media business pages and try to increase your followers
  • Make sure that you are active on social media. So that the content you share will get an attraction.
  • Make sure that your followers can easily share your content on their feed.
  • Check whether your content looks good or not once you share it on social media.

Wrapping Up

Domain authority is important for your website performance. It also lets you know where you stand amongst your competitors. However, a low DA rank doesn’t mean poor performance.

DA just gives you an idea about how likely you are to increase your ranking. It’s only meant to help you build a better website that will perform well on the search engines.

If you are planning to increase the domain authority of your website, the best you can do is with content marketing. And for that, you are required to hire a software development company, which will help you remove all the hurdles and create a better and high-quality website.

Author’s Bio:

Kiran Beladiya is the co-founder of the website design company the name is The One Technologies. He is managing everything from discussing project ideas with clients to its release. Due to the hectic schedule, he could not get enough time to nurture and sharpen his writing skills but he is an avid writer. You can connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn. Steps To Increase Your Website Domain Authority




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