Spreadsheet to Joomla!

freakedout (http://www.freakedout.de) is a small web consulting company, which originated in Germany and specializes in client project consulting and management as well as custom Joomla! development. One of our goals has always been to make the user experience for clients as closely catered as possible to what their actual needs are, while still maintaining a flexible framework for “spontaneous idea implementation”. Along our way we have acquired many great clients, which has given us the opportunity to release some extensions for free to the community. It’s not many extensions but people definitely find good uses for them. Our lineup also includes a couple of commercial extensions, of which free basic versions are available, in case you would like to support our projects.

Let’s cut to the chase. While engaging with many clients from different fields and with varying levels of technological skill, we have tried to come up with a common denominator so that we could optimize the step between receiving contents and uploading them. And then we realized we had an old custom Joomla! component lying around, which could match those requirements. Everyone knows how to use Microsoft Excel, because everyone has to use it for their business in some way or another.  Thus was born the Content Uploader.

The actual procedure of using it is quite easy. You setup different columns in your spreadsheet for title, section, category, metadata and more. The next step is to go to the simple interface where you enter your column references into the corresponding fields. For example, you can set the article titles to be retrieved from column A and the sections from column B, or whichever way you like. Save your configuration, choose your file and then upload it. After uploading your contents you can go into the article manager and fine tune whichever articles need it. It’s that simple, but if you still have troubles don’t hesitate to stop by our forum.

Get the free version or the pro version here (http://www.freakedout.de/joomlaextensions/25-joomla-extensions/53-content-uploader.html) or read a more in depth documentation on our demo site (http://www.freakedout.de)

We have a limited time introductory offer at 50%. You can find the coupon code on the subscription page.

Thank you to the guys at ‘corePHP’ for their suggestions and support with our project!

Alexis Sotir

Co-Founder, freakedout.de


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