Why Social Login Is a Must in E-Commerce Websites

The continuous rise of digital technology has made it mandatory for the e-commerce websites to include social login over their platforms. Among the various new trends, social login is booming and making it easy for the business owners to increase their conversion rates. This very login refers to the registration that is done by the users through their identities on various social networking sites.

Here are some of the stats that favor – “social login is a must for e-commerce websites”.

  • Studies have suggested that nearly 80% users are not likely to create a separate account.
  • 92% users are likely to leave the sites that ask for specific login
  • Nearly 77% of users find social login an excellent solution

eMarketer has predicted that more than 2.33 million people are expected to join the social login sites, taking the platform by the storm. Thus, e-commerce websites could reap the benefits by allowing the users to access to their sites through their social login platforms. E-commerce sites are benefiting with the fact that more and more people are talking about the brands, services and products day in and day out. Thus, allowing an easy entry to these platforms through social logins is much like ensuring easy conversion for the websites.

How Social Login Helps? 

Allowing the users to use their social identities to browse an e-commerce site is prompting them to login to that particular platform and have a glimpse of the product showcased. This also increases the probability for the users to buy a product in case they like the one.

On the other hand, a platform that does not have any social media login and is asking to fill up an extended login form is likely to lose the customers. Facts have also proved that such an experience prompts the users to abandon the site instantly and never come back to that platform again. This way, it is always a loss to the business.

Here are some of the facts to answer – “why social login is a must for e-commerce websites”?

  • A Hassle-Free Login to Websites

Filling up the social networking identity is liked by everyone as it is a hassle-free process to view the gallery of any e-commerce website. As we have explained it earlier, nearly 77% users find it a better option to browse through sites when the login can be done through social identity like that of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. All it requires is some of the login details to get the access to the site, browse the categories and even buy one if found usable. There are no additional efforts required to fill any of the forms to get the entry.

  • Social Login Acts As a Potential Sharing Platform

The unique selling point with social networking sites is that services, brands and products can easily be shared with friends, can be followed and referred to others. It carries the potential for the business to get easy conversions through users who are very much engaged with the social networking platforms. More to it, the social login attribute is a favorable point for the businesses to promote their brands among the users and to potential clients also.

  • Friendly User Engagement

In order to make the users engagement a user-friendly affair, social networking websites need a part of website’s social media matrix. The advantage here is that the profile of the business would be showcased over the social media platform in an engaging manner and thus, it reduces the additional effort of struggle that is generally required to engage the visitors. More and more social media engagement will ensure flooded data about the clients on their social preferences. It will additional help e-commerce websites serve the likings that again counts for conversions.

user friendly

  • Social Media Login Offers Accurate Customer Data

While some users say a big no to log in to the social media sites with a separate identity, many of them provide false data to get the access to the website. It thus accumulates wrong data, which is in no sense going to help the business. Social login, on the other hand, will provide all the related information about the users that have been submitted by them while signing up for that particular platform.


With all these points of references, social login is a must for e-commerce not only for getting accurate customers data but also for increasing the conversion rate. Social login offers all that is required by both the users as well as the e-commerce business sites for increasing the sales and the services.


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