Snowbird Discount This Week Only for CMS Expo

If you or someone you know was snowed in, or otherwise kept from making our deadline for Earlybird sign-up yesterday, here’s some good news to share: CMS Expo cooked up a “Snowbird Special” for you!
Whether you’re interested in a one-day pass ($199) or a full three days ($579), you can get the Snowbird Special Discount this week, saving you hundreds of dollars off our regular price. Hurry! This one-time offer next Monday, February 7th, 2011.

Join today to meet our staff from ‘corePHP’ and many other amazing Joomla teams!

‘corePHP’ will be teaching several classes. Join us to learn from our talented team:

  • Joomla ECommerce
  • Badass CSS
  • Design to Code
  • HTML5
  • SPEED!
  • PHP Techniques
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or call (815) 455-2900


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