Six month licenses to replace annual licenses.

Effective immediately, all `corePHP` products will be sold with a six month subscription rather than the annual subscription that we previously used. The reason we are moving to a six month subscription is as a response to the expedited release cycle that has been implemented by the Joomla! community.

Previously there was a two and a half to three year release cycle where we would write one major version then add features and bug fixes to it. With the release of Joomla! 1.5, 1.7, 2.5 (and future versions), the software upgrades and rewrites have become much more resource intensive. Those users that request support will require support much more often because rather than installing the software once and performing small upgrades, the upgrades require more time, documentation and sometimes even troubleshooting assistance. Essentially, the new pricing schedule is designed to keep our products and support at the quality the Joomla! community is accustomed to.

Customers with a current annual subscription will still receive the support that they were entitled to with the purchase of the annual subscription. All future subscriptions will be sold as six month subscriptions and will be subject to the Terms of Service listed here.


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