SEO Tips For Finance Sites – What Should You Consider?

The truth is that SEO for finance sites is more difficult than with regular websites. This is mainly because Google pays close attention to such websites.

There are many that are of a really low quality and that appear simply because there are huge commissions that can be earned by internet marketers when they refer clients. This is something that you have to remember since it is really important that your site is created in a way that focuses on high quality content.

It’s all about content

Nobody says that you should not offer articles that talk about financial opportunities. For instance, you can write a review of Prosper Loans or similar but you should try to bring in some information that is not available anywhere else.

Try to create a list of the best articles you wrote, together with the reviews you write so that you can show search engines you offer resources that people can use to make financial decisions. The more information you offer, the higher the possibility that Google will see your site as one that offers real authority.

Being careful with backlinks

You surely understand how important backlinks are for SEO. The big problem is that those operating in the finance industry are faced with a huge competition. Gaining good rankings is difficult. Because of this, we see various webmasters that simply try to get as many backlinks as they can. This is not a correct approach.

One of the really good things you can do is to try to get published on those sites that talk about this subject. There are various lists online of the best finance blogs. Contact the owners and offer content in exchange for a backlink. Getting published on a really high authority website is much more important than getting many links from sites that are not of a suitable authority.

Consider shareability

You need to write your articles with shareability in mind. The truth is that most of the finance related websites do not have many social signals since people rarely share such content. With this in mind, if you manage to offer content that will be shared, you have an advantage.

Do not use sites that offer fake likes or shares. This is a huge mistake and, believe it or not, Google will realize that you do this. Focus on the natural shares that you can receive due to offering high quality content.

If your content is not shared on social networks, it is a sign that it is not as great as you may have thought. With this in mind, you may want to hire a professional content writer that can take your information and offer it in a way that is completely understandable for visitors.

Think long term

Many are blinded by the huge earning potential of this niche. Do not make this mistake! With a finance related site, you need to invest time and a lot of money to get really high rankings. Do not be disheartened and always try to offer the quality that such a site should offer.


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