SEO and content marketing reselling – added benefits without added overheads

Targeting SEO

You’re running a successful design agency, PR agency or similar business and want to add on a new element to the business. You know that search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing has a growth potential but don’t have the expertise or experience to set up such a department. On the other hand you do not want to potentially lose out on clients that require such a service.

If this is you, have you ever considered the benefits of becoming a reseller of SEO and content marketing?


Add a new dimension to your digital business as an SEO reseller

Is your business suitable as a reseller?

Virtually any business operating within the parameters of digital technology and the internet is suitable for reselling SEO and content marketing. The following list of businesses has the potential of offering SEO and content marketing services, either as an ad-hoc or permanent service:

  • PR agencies
  • Design agencies
  • Sales organizations
  • Full service agencies
  • Technology companies
  • Digital marketing agencies

This is by no means an exhaustive list but is indicative of the type of mainstream businesses involved in digital enterprise. The benefits of engaging the services of an agency which has an established history of delivering tangible results in SEO and content marketing are many.

Draw on experience without the added overhead

Small and medium sized enterprises all have one thing in common – tight cash flow. Balancing the books and maintaining a healthy business often precludes taking a risk on something. Often, banks and lending institutions are not prepared to support funding something which is not tried and tested.

By drawing on the expertise of an agency which has been delivering tangible results to a widely differing client base, your business will be able to offer a valuable add-on service without having to invest in new staff, equipment and potentially office space. Immediately your business will benefit, but equally if not more importantly, so too will your clients benefit.

A win-win situation

The higher a page and/or website ranks in Google search returns, the better the flow of traffic to that site. If a website returns lower than page two of Google or other search engine returns, it may as well not appear at all. Offering a service to your clients which will deliver tangible benefits will improve your bottom line as well as theirs. Those benefits which you will deliver to your clients include the following:

  • Strong online presence
  • Increased traffic volumes
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Improved consumer relationships

This is not an exhaustive list, but rather indicates what you as a reseller can and will deliver to your clients. As a marketing reseller at Ocere or SEO reseller you will benefit from increased revenues and profits without having to risk your precious capital, or have to repay expensive loans or overdraft funding facilities. For you, your clients and of course their customers, you are immediately faced with a win-win situation.


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