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EatsBC is a food delivery service and application that was developed from the ground up and launched, managed, and maintained by our professional developers at ‘corePHP’. While GrubHub and DoorDash are the big names in the food delivery space, their delivery of old, cold food and inadequate customer service leaves a lot to be desired for both the drivers and the customers.


EatsBC partners with local restaurants in Battle Creek, MI to offer delivery services to their customers. Customers open the app to order food from their chosen restaurant, and the restaurant accepts to receive a printout of the order for their cooks. Delivery drivers operate with the app on the delivery side to accept, pick up, and deliver orders. 


This process is easy and seamless for the customers and drivers. The EatsBC app is a fully functioning, cross-platform food delivery application utilized by thousands of users, with easy updates for restaurant menu changes or unexpected shutdowns due to loss of power, storms, etc.


Payments from customers and to the delivery drivers are handled through our Stripe integration, while digital marketing is provided in-house by our digital marketing team.

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