PHP Web Development Trends That Will Dominate In 2021

The activities performed over the web changes every day. In a highly competitive digital world, business websites get discovered just if it is developed with the use of current trends. Technology is constantly uncertain as well as extremely variable; thus the web developers require to recognize and creating modern innovations as well as innovative ideas to achieve long-term outcomes.

In some cases, web development criteria transform quicker than they can be applied. To remain ahead of the rivals, it is important for the businesses to concentrate on the most recent trends as well as techniques as web development solutions are developing at a fast pace and obtaining more normal. The custom PHP development services and also progressed tools are introduced to develop a number of robust and vibrant websites for companies.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

When it concerns providing customers the very best of the internet and the most effective of a native mobile application, Progressive Web Apps work as the finest option. Owing to their ability to supply customers with a blazing-fast native app-like experience within a browser, many top firms as well as brand names are now switching to PWAs and also observing an exponential increment in conversions as well as user engagement. Given that mobile applications are continuously losing their charm because of their oversaturated market, modern web apps emerge as an excellent choice for native mobile apps. Even if PWAs are not a new concept, they will dominate as one of the famous web development trends in upcoming years.

Push Notifications for Sites.

Gone are the days when Push Notifications were utilized just by mobile apps to boost customer engagement. Today, almost every website is making the most of them notify customers of any type of modifications that occurred on the website, like a brand-new post, brand-new offers, unique discounts, etc. It would certainly not be an exaggeration to state that Push Notices are changing email newsletters in terms of usability, accessibility as well as user experience. Considering that they’re taking user engagement to a whole new level, we can expect more organizations to adopt this web development trend in the coming years.

Single Page Applications (SPAs).

Another web development trend that will certainly rule in 2020 and also upcoming years is Single Page Websites and also Applications created with an advanced JavaScript framework like Angular. As the name itself clarifies, the single-page design is a long web page without any complex navigation or deep menu, working completely on both desktops as well as mobile phones. The biggest benefits of Single Page Sites, as well as Applications, are simpleness and speed, which are the two vital points today’s users crave for. Considering that the number of mobile users is ever-increasing, SPAs will certainly be one of the popular web development trends in the future.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

If there is anything that can make searching for the next level, it is AR and VR. While these two game-changing technologies are making their method into every market, web development is no more an exemption. Because of the fast growth in the rate of the Web, the world’s top businesses like Google, YouTube, as well as Microsoft is already taking advantage of AR as well as Virtual Reality to make it possible for customers to see 360 ° photos and videos. YouTube Virtual Reality is the best instance of these technologies in action. if you have a WordPress-powered eCommerce website, AR as well as Virtual Reality can prove to be fairly practical in promoting your clients to basically try different products.

Headless Development

The term ‘Headless’ refers to the software program architecture that operates without a front-end. Also called an API-first solution or Static or Serverless strategy, the Headless architecture decouples the front-end from the back-end, allowing you to boost the underperforming locations of your websites and applications with more customized development.

User Interface Trends

Have you ever aware of the Receptive Web? Well, the receptive web is just one of the most-discussed PHP trends so far. Not simply a buzzword, it refers to responsive web designs that take on any environment to provide an enhanced internet experience for the end-users. The core concept behind the responsive web is that space should not affect user behavior. Therefore, it accommodates different individuals from different tools including a desktop computer, cell phones, as well as tablet computer individuals. In short, a responsive web strengthens the suggestion of using HTML & CSS for web development, and also it instantly conceals, resizes, enlarges, and diminishes any website that looks good on any type of device.

Extreme Cloud Integration

Cloud is one of the most awesome technologies designed thus far with a reduced infrastructure cost as well as a high level of safety as well as flexibility in regards to omnipresent availability. With the huge appeal of the cloud, 2019 is visiting more merging of PHP websites right into the cloud. PHP framework directly beats Ruby with much better scalability in connecting to the web. This positive cloud technique is attracting more PHP developed web sites to their infrastructure. Therefore, an intense cloud combination is a famous PHP trend to assess today.


Among one of the most recommended frameworks, which is utilized for establishing applications at a better speed. This light-weight framework is easy to use as well as features a small impact, which can be uploaded with no troubles straightaway to your hosting. Throughout setup, you need not get in any type of special command-line arguments or commands, as well as no specific software setup is suggested. You simply need to publish the data and you are done.

Clubbing IoT with PHP

IoT or Internet of Things is a modern technology with 3 different layers of digital infrastructure. Being a vibrant as well as a popular language, the PHP framework is embracing this infrastructure in a fast lane. PHP 7 which is the most recent variation of the technology supplies simple synchronization shows string that can do several jobs with a solitary script.

Growing Outsourcing

The outsourcing service is growing every day in the PHP development sector. It’s a fascinating development trend to check out this year. Outsourcing is increasing with the day passing and it is just one of the most significant factors for such incredible industry development. It’s noticed that a lot of the European, as well as American countries, assign PHP development business in various regions of the world for cost-effective PHP development solutions.

Chatbots, AI, and Machine Learning.

This researchful checklist of web development trends wouldn’t be complete if we really did not mention today’s advanced Chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Neural Schema Systems.


Blockchain, the very same innovation powering Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies, is absolutely the next big paradigm shift when it involves supplying the highest level of security to protect any kind of information. Dealing with several essential problems of our current internet, such as vulnerability as well as inefficiency, Blockchain has now ended up being a brand-new web development trend among businesses. According to a study, the majority of the world’s big companies either actively consider or release Blockchain, as well as concerning two-thirds of the firms are planning to execute the Blockchain modern technology by the end of this year. Considering its unrelenting growth and appeal, we can state Blockchain is a web development trend that is going to transform the web for life.

Voice Search Optimization.

This web development trend does not come as a surprise. Digital voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, as well as Alexa are now an essential part of our day-to-day life, urging increasingly more web developers to include voice capabilities into their websites and applications. A recent record from PwC reveals that on average, 60% of individuals between the age of 18-50+ use voice devices as well as aides at the very least once a day, and that’s most likely since searching with voice is 3.7 x faster than inputs. Gartner forecasts that30% of web searching sessions will be done without a screen, with 50% of all searches done by voice by 2020, according to ComScore. Below it’s also worth stating that the number of electronic voice aides is predicted to reach 8 billion by 2023. Taking into consideration all these truths as well as numbers, we can state that voice search optimization is an internet development fad you ought to embrace as early as possible to stay ahead of the competition in the coming years.

Motion UI.

Yes, today’s web users have actually burnt out of uninteresting static photos, crazy GIFs, and also Flash-based ads. They currently desire something that’s basic, instinctive yet interactive, letting them find quickly discover what they’re in fact seeking. A fascinating Motion UI, the fastest expanding web development trend, works flawlessly in such a case. Offered the fact that the human interest period is continually avoiding year to year, you’ll definitely see the quick adoption of Motion User Interfaces as a widespread web development trend in 2020 and also past. After all, there are no much better means to get hold of users’ focus as well as maintain them involved than with an innovative Motion UI.

Author Bio – Chawla is a MD at AIS Technolabs which is Web Design and Web development Company, helping global businesses to grow. He love to share his thoughts on how to hire php programmer in india.

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