Why PHP 7 Is Ideal For Web Development

PHP web development is one among several web development methods that will never fade away. With every passing year, it has become the most trusted platform for developers and companies for website development. The reason for such tremendous popularity of PHP is the outcome of the continuous research and development. There is no doubt that in coming times, PHP will reach to the newer heights as the demands for the PHP powered websites are being expected to explode.

Presently, PHP 7 is being used for empowering websites across the world. Every version release brings some improvement along with the opportunity to make the language even more improved that has some drawbacks. With the passage of time, PHP has been enhanced to support multiple platforms so that it could be run smoothly on any platform with assured reliability. Thus, no wonder that the popular websites like Facebook, Wikipedia, Tumblr, Flickr, and many such others have been developed in PHP.

Through this blog, I am going to unveil the top reasons that stand out for why PHP 7 is ideal for website development.

Enhanced Speed

When it comes to carrying out different essential operations in PHP 7, it allows performing operations at double speed in comparison to earlier versions. Due to high speed, it seems much promising and convincing for a developer or web design company to handle multiple operations while tackling complex projects.

If you are using Zend Engine, then the execution of code will be even faster than other frameworks. Thus, enhanced speed is the one among several reasons that make it ideal for web development.

Support for 64-Bit Windows

As we all know, PHP is a server-side scripting language based on Linux, and it runs smoothly on several variants of Windows. However, PHP 5.x series was not compatible with 64-bit system but with the improved version of PHP 7, it can even run on 64-bit Windows system. This is what makes PHP 7 ideal for web development.

Easy Error Handling

In earlier versions, error handling was a bit difficult for PHP developers but with the latest PHP 7 version, it has become easier to caught exceptions which lead developers to debug the code to make it error free. Thus, easy error handling is also a reason that makes PHP 7 ideal for web development.

Improved Security

For developers, security is one of the most major concerns whether it is a website or a mobile app. While handling complex websites, security issues have been seen mainly in case of PHP oriented sites. However, with the introduction of PHP 7 and with advanced protection patches like Suhosin and Hardening that are specially designed for web hosting environments, security has been improved. The main job of these two patches is to check the input validation issues that can cause many issues.

Further, it also depends on the framework you choose to develop sites. Personally, I believe Laravel and Phalcon can provide you the great security features so that you could build highly secure and safe websites.

High Sustainability

One of the reasons for considering PHP ideal for website development is, it offers high sustainability. Regarding maintenance and upgrading the website, PHP provides excellent support to the developers. Every site needs timely maintenance and upgrades, and PHP 7 makes the process easier for the developers.

Tremendous Support

Being an open source tool for website development, PHP offers tremendous support. As I mentioned above, that PHP has become one of the most popular programming languages which are in great demand regarding website development. Thus, in a case of any support, queries, or training, you can get support from the online communities of highly experienced PHP developers.

Clean & Clear Environment

With the latest PHP 7, developers get a clean and decent environment that leads them to develop highly effective websites. PHP 7 is specially developed to improve the environment by freeing up space. The latest version of PHP is free from unwanted functionalities, old APIs, and extensions. You will find everything relevant which makes PHP 7 ideal for website development.

Improved Code Standard

PHP 7 supports four types of declarations namely Int, Float, String, and Bool that empowers developers to use any of them as per the requirement of the project. Thus, PHP 7 allows and enables developers to enhance the quality of the code and improved code standard points to the development of high-performance websites.


Even after knowing the fact that PHP is open-source, including this point, would be still worthwhile. You might be often heard that PHP is evergreen, and people across the world want their websites to be developed in PHP, which simply stands for its growing popularity, but one thing which describes why it is highly demanded is its cost-effectiveness. Website development in PHP is indeed cost-effective which makes it ideal for development.

Bottom Line

I hope the points explained above will prove beneficial for you to understand the influence of PHP. It does not matter whether you are a developer or any company, these points would definitely give you the valid reasons that why PHP is stealing the show worldwide when it comes to website development.


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