paGO, The Next-Gen Mobile E-Commerce Shopping Cart System

Next generation buyers are moving towards target based businesses. The buyers are mobile oriented as well as global, one such e-commerce platform that is used widely is paGO Commerce. This leading e-commerce solution is used by customers from all over the world. paGO is known for its commercial grade e-commerce shopping cart process that is purely based on Joomla technology. paGO enables a high rate product selling process that grants you of commercial passport to access the shopping cart software from anywhere you go. If you are bored of working with passive CMS technology, then I would recommend you step into today’s new active CMS technology that efficiently integrates content managing system, marketing process, and sales technology into one seamless close-the-loop process.

paGO Commerce shopping cart system is the new age software tool in electronic commerce sector that is purely based on Joomla and offers users with extensively advanced features:

  • Secure
  • Lightweight
  • PCI compliant

paGO Commerce for Joomla is purely based on commercial grade e-commerce suite that aims towards delivering excellent mobility and usability results to customers with its unlimited great e-commerce features that it offers to its clients. It comes with drag-and-drop simplicity process to help you go anywhere and sell everywhere on instant basis.

paGO is a mobile ready responsive shopping e-cart platform. What makes paGO a renowned among almost half of the population?

  • Global currency conversion
  • Unlimited attribute system
  • Advanced coupon process
  • One-page checkout process
  • Easy import and export of CSV files
  • Free data migration scripting rules from other carts
  • Installs with valid SSL certificates
  • Free community supports forum
  • 24 hour paid professional support desk available
  • Zero hidden fees or “back-door” access to your private data

Get ready to fly with paGO Commerce

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Free Joomla Extension Called paGO Takes A Huge Rise

paGO Commerce is a free Joomla extension that is specifically used for e-commerce sectors, launched by ‘corePHP’ to help replace antiquated VirtueMart.

Benefits of paGO Commerce shopping cart:

  • Fast and Easy Setup that spends less amount of time to set up everything related to e-commerce shopping.
  • As paGO is responsive and mobile ready shopping cart software by which you can easily access it from anywhere. It’s moreover a design and go software
  • Comes with limitless attributes process.
  • As we know that paGO is an on-the-go currency converter, hence there is no need to go for googling every currency conversion process. It can easily be done with paGO now.
  • Powerful coupon methods.
  • One-page checkout system lets you quickly and easily manage all check-out systems in a more favorable manner for you.
  • Drag-and-drop image gallery in paGO allows you to work with your images quickly by adjusting them in more efficient way.
  • paGO is totally based on social integration mode. You can easily integrate paGO with various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, LInkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.
  • Built-in shipping & tax tables in paGO covers all the details and updates in real time.
  • Work with easy import & export functionalities that comprise of spreadsheets
  • Easily migrate paGO from VirtueMart, Magento, and many other such e-commerce systems.
  • Fully based on corePHP platform and Joomla based.

Features of paGO:

  • Your buyers are mobile based, so better you be mobile based. With paGO Commerce, you sell products to your customers via any device.
  • paGO comes with an easy deployment process and is well adapted to fit every business as well as customer needs.
  • paGO Commerce is a road tested e-commerce software and premium grade open source e-commerce software that is highly beneficial to your business.
  • paGO’s core platform is based on rock-solid pattern and is high-performance software to enable you to build lucrative service offerings.
  • Built-in shipping & tax tables.
  • Extensible plug-in architecture.
  • Fast and easy setup.
  • Optimized for speed.
  • Eliminates redundant page loading system to enable you with easy buying process at much more quickly speed.
  • Reaches out to any device, be it on from mobile phone to tablet to desktop, wherever you are going.
  • It’s one of a kind that gives you an edge over global competitors.
  • paGO is entirely a Joomla based software.
  • Free & open source.


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