paGO Commerce 1.1 Released With All-New Back-End

Since releasing paGO Commerce in January of this year, we’ve been hard at work on the next steps along our roadmap. We created paGO Commerce  to alleviate the headaches created by many mainstream commerce platforms. Above all, our focus was on creating a more future proof, modular codebase, that didn’t leave developers at a dead-end, forced to hack the core in order to make even the most basic changes. With paGO commerce, you can bend it any way you want. It’s flexible, and it’s fast.

This new double release of paGO Commerce (1.1 and its followup, 1.1.1) sets the tone for our rapid development schedule for paGO Commerce. This development round’s focus was on improving the “back-end” workflow for store owners, in order to make it faster and easier than ever to manage inventory and product attributes. Following the advice of many of our early adopters to paGO Commerce for Joomla, we made substantial improvements to the Admin Panel, along with a host of other improvements, which I listed below.

Many more updates and improvements are in the works, right now, as we work with many customers and contributing developers to reshape the definition of commerce as a tool. I join all the team members at ‘corePHP’ as we’re excited to announce the release of a new stable version of paGO Commerce available for download right now. Thank you to our entire team of developers for putting together this extremely versatile and powerful eCommerce package for Joomla website owners and developers. Here’s a snapshot of all of the great new goodies you can expect to see from this new update:

paGO 1.1.1

(released May 25, 2015)

    • A new discount system with a powerful rule and event system that is extendable by plugin support, allowing you to create complex discount rules
    • Ability to eliminate discount stacking, so now, only one discount is applied (versus many)
    • New trigger points throughout the core for extended paGO Commerce capability
  • Improvements
    • Improved support for image management within the attribute system
    • Improved migration and import functionality
    • Improved performance for multi-language sites
    • Enhanced search now supporting fuzzy search capability
    • Improved backend ordering

paGO 1.1

(released May 18, 2015)

    • ALL NEW BACKEND DESIGN AND WORKFLOW – ‘corePHP’ has been busy since 1.0.7, re-creating a brand new design and workflow for paGO Commerce, enjoy the shiny new back-end!
    • NEW Security group of plugins – available with captcha and Akismet support.
    • NEW Export capability available for orders
    • UPDATE NOTIFICATIONS – yes that’s right – you will be notified for each new update
  • Improvements
    • New trigger points for application developer throughout the platform
    • Updates for all payment gateways to support newer and modern code
    • Alert notifications if certain libraries are not installed
    • Routing improvements
    • Code clean up
    • Improvements for import and export functionality.
    • Refund improvements
    • Added additional country support

paGO has lots of new stuff planned in the coming months. Soon, we will be launching some new services to work with paGO, along with a brand new checkout process, streamlining the click-path and flow, allowing improved conversation rates for commerce site owners.

Keep a look out for future enhancements and news for paGO 2.0: “Revolutionizing Commerce!”


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