New York SEO Tips For Businesses In The Local Area

New York City brings together people who love to shop, eat, and sightsee. Businesses in the Big Apple are vying for the top spot in search results. Local search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and tactics become heated battles among organizations in the metropolis. Startups, small to medium enterprises (SMEs), and large corporations try to dominate search engine results for their desired keywords. Continue reading to know four local SEO tips to help give you a competitive edge in New York’s online environment.

1. Optimize Information on your New York Business’ Website

Competition is fierce in the local New York SEO scene. Your website is the most important and priceless asset to help your company build, maintain, and improve its online presence. Ensure each piece of information found on your site’s page appear in top search results is vital for the benefit of business growth.

The following are actionable items to start building your site’s online presence to place high in New York search results:

  • Build a proper domain name – The domain name you pick for your business in New York should reflect your industry or niche. For example, a bakery may use the domain
  • Incorporate the right keywords on pages – SEO is all about using the right keywords. Proper keyword placement is also critical to the success of your on-site SEO practices. Keywords on page titles help identify the nature of your business, along with its products, services, and location.
  • Complete company information on every page – A standard web development practice is to place the company’s information like business name, address, and phone number to the homepage. Don’t forget to put the same pieces of information to the other pages on the site.
  • Add information about the local area – Your business’ contact information should go with highlights of the local area. For example, if you’re the owner of a restaurant in Greenpoint, highlight the landmarks in the vicinity to help make it easy for your visitors to locate your store.

You can learn more about adding information to your website using SEO practices by taking an online course at

2. Register for a Google My Business Account

After filling the required information on your website, it’s time to claim and verify your business on Google My Business. There are no costs to claiming your New York business on this Google service, and you’ll help establish your company’s online presence on the search engine. Registering for an account also means your firm or store will show up on Google Maps, and your site will show up in search results on all compatible devices. After Google finds and authenticates your business, there’s also a chance for the search engine to highlight your company’s website in the sidebar space of search results.

Here are the steps to create and optimize your Google My Business account:

  • Use a Google account to register your business to the service.
  • Fill all the necessary information with accurate and up-to-date data.
  • Apply for Google to verify your listing.
  • Make sure to include the logo, acceptable payment methods, products and services, and related images.
  • Ask customers to review your business in online portals like Yelp.
  • Keep your on-site blog updated continuously with regular posts.

3. Optimize Your Site for Mobile Devices

The smartphone world continues to evolve, and websites need to adapt to mobile technologies. Your site should be used for cell phones and tablets. Specific individuals may even spend more time browsing the Internet on their mobile devices as opposed to using desktop or laptop computers.

To understand the importance of optimizing your website’s local SEO for mobile use, imagine this scenario:

Have you tried contacting a locksmith that caters to servicing areas like Ridgewood? Search for Ridgewood locksmith on a search engine, and you’ll see several results. One of the sites you click on your mobile device may cater to Ridgewood clients, but the website is difficult to navigate because it’s not optimized for the mobile platform.

A likely scenario for you as the mobile user is to move to the next item on the search results for better user experience. Aim for minimizing site bounce rate while optimizing visitor count to help improve chances of ranking your New York business’ website in search results.

4. Create Attention-Grabbing Headlines for Your Content

One of the failing SEO strategies many businesses make (and not just the companies found in the NYC area) is to prioritize on putting up more content without thinking about the end user. It’s essential to target both Google’s search algorithms and your target markets at the same time. Focusing your SEO efforts on the former or the latter alone may spell disaster for your digital marketing campaign.

Make sure to create compelling content with attention-grabbing headlines to make Internet users curious and interested enough to click on your link. A few strategies to help make this method work include:

  • Writing blog posts about activities, events, or news about New York.
  • Create video blogs (or vlogs) about local charitable organizations or causes your firm supports.
  • Type location-specific pages on your sites with high-quality content focusing on areas you serve.

Also, remember that clickbait titles may be useful only to an extent. Clickbait are pieces of text or thumbnails designed to over-promise or sometimes misrepresent the central thought of the post. An example of a clickbait title is, “You’ll Never Guess What This New York Man Does.”

Be careful when using clickbait to promote your business. Readers of your posts might find your unrelated title as an unamusing attempt to try and gain more visitors. Your visitors may leave your site as soon as they find out your true intentions which would result in a high bounce rate. When creating attention-grabbing titles, opt to follow these rules:

  • Keeps to the thought of the blog post.
  • Enough words to summarize the entire post.
  • Follows the Keep It Short and Simple (KISS) rule.
  • Create interest but doesn’t sound obnoxious.

Don’t forget to use the power of social media to attract visitors to your site. You may also choose to take advantage of paid ads to target New Yorkers to view your business’ website. Optimizing your on-site and off-site SEO to target the local New York area will become a valuable asset to your company regardless of industry.


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