New WordPress MU Plugin and Template 06/26

Today I finally finished a plugin and a template that work together. The WordPress MU plugin and template allows a display of sitewide tags.

The plugin basically creates a new blog. The plugin will then create a new post on this blog automatically every time a user creates a new post. Currently there is no need for that since we already provide the EveryHome Template which dynamically pulls posts site-wide, but this plugin actually stores them to the database.

When you use the template alongside the plugin, you can get a display of all the site-wide tags for your site. Once a user clicks on a tag they can see all posts associated with the tag and can click on any post they like.

If you want to see a demo before you download it, check out this blog:

This blog was created by the plugin, so you can link to this blog through the menu if you want.

There’s only one downside to this plugin. If you already have thousands of posts on your site, it won’t import them to this newly created blog. Instead, it will start copying posts from the time you install. If you want to add the posts in, you can save them manually.

To install the plugin, simply download it from our plugins page and upload it to your server into this folder: /media/wpmu/mu-plugins/
You need to put it in this folder due to the nature of this plugin.

To install the template download the Tags template from our downloads section and upload it to this folder: /media/wpmu/themes/
You can then enable the theme to the blog that the plugin creates.



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