New Website = New Products!

Our new site has been up for almost a month. Thank you all for your feedback! I am happy to announce that all the updates noted in the “New Site Updates: Part 1” Blog post are completed. With those last few changes, the site should be pretty much rock-solid. Of course, we welcome suggestions, so please let us know if you notice anything or encounter any problems.

Now, to business! Here’s a list of the great new products and services that will soon be available through ‘corePHP’.

  • New Forums: We are in the process of redoing and reorganizing our forums. These will be cleanly integrated into our current design. Our team will also be more active in the forums.
  • New Products:
    • jomDefender: NOW AVAILABLE! This powerful plugin locks down your Joomla site by using security through obscurity.
    • Sales Force Login: Coming soon! Easily authenticate your Sales Force user in Joomla!
    • Amazon S3 CDN: Coming soon! What is CDN? It stands for “content delivery network” giving your site the speed that it needs. CDN servers are expensive and difficult to set up so we have taken it upon ourselves to provide an affordable alternative. We have built a component that will speed up your site by pushing all your asset files to Amazon S3 service. This powerful solution will also lighten the load on your server. Check our site – we are using it already.
    • Community ACL 2.0: Coming soon! This flagship product is getting a major overhaul and will have a powerful plugin system that will allow others to develop for Community ACL. Version 2.0 will only be available for Joomla! 1.6 only.
  • Product Updates:
    • Community ACL 1.3: COMING SOON! We are in the works of finalizing our new version of Community ACL for Joomla! 1.5. This build will include improved menu management and bug fixes. Our 1.x branch will only be available for Joomla! 1.5
    • WordPress for Joomla!: We are in the process of making some groundbreaking updates to our WordPress for Joomla! package. 90% of the plugins will work out of the box, this goes for themes as well! What do you think about that!
    • JPhoto: Coming soon! Bug fixes and new plugins for layouts will be available. We will be releasing premium themes in a few months. Keep your eyes out for this.
  • Finally…THANK YOU ALL!
    • Thank you all for your support during our site overhaul! We have received a lot of great feedback.  It’s not every day we get to hear “Your site doesn’t just show off the power of your team – you blow away the competition”  –  of course, we would not have a new site if we didn’t have your patronage. So…Thank you ‘corePHP’ users, visitors, and customers for all your support!

Keep your eye on our blogs! I’ll keep updating weekly with more news and product details.

–Steven Pignataro
CEO ‘corePHP’


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