Mistakes Professional Marketers Make Too Often

Just as everything in life, when you reach a higher level, you end up being a little sloppy. This is quite common in the life of a marketer. Due to previous success, it is easy to end up overlooking some aspects when creating or managing a campaign. Professionals usually make mistakes without realizing it. With this in mind, let’s focus on some of the mistakes that the professionals make and that should be avoided at all costs.

Not Sharing Their Knowledge With Clients

The professional marketer obviously knows more about marketing than the client. That is why he/she is hired in the first place. The problem is that it is quite common to see marketers do what the clients want, even if it is a pretty bad idea. For instance, we all know that businesses should own a website but that website should be appropriate to the brands that are promoted. Too often a marketer will not highlight that the site is not appropriate.

Not Selling Expertise – Selling Services

A company will not hire the marketer because of the services that are offered. It is buying the expertise that the marketer has. With this in mind, it is very important that you present the results that you achieved in the past, as an example, instead of just highlighting what you can do. Make the client understand WHY you have to be hired, not what you will do!

Lack Of Strategy

This is the one mistake that will look weird. After all, professionals always build a strategy, right? Wrong! Because of having developed successful strategies in the past, many marketers end up re-using the same strategy. This is usually a really bad idea and will bring down the potential results really fast. Just as small business owners make social media mistakes without realizing it, professional marketers often find themselves without a proper strategy developed for a specific client.

A Focus On Referrals

As time passes, the marketer naturally builds a database of connections that can be used on the following campaigns. The problem is that many end up relying too much on those referrals. For instance, let’s say you want to create an online marketing promotional campaign. You have a nice database of spirituality niche contacts and you take advantage of that. However, you do not do anything for the other channels covered because you believe those contacts are enough. This is a mistake! The professional marketer has to keep building contacts and never rely on the referrals that exist at the moment.

Lack Of Personal Branding

Personal branding became crucial for absolutely all marketers because of a really simple reason: people work with individuals to promote something. They do not work with companies except in a contract signed. It is vital that you develop a really strong online personal brand. Try to send articles to various publications, build a website and show the world that you are good at marketing by promoting your services and you! This is something that is appreciated by any employer.


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