How to Make Your WordPress Website Stand Out

With over 1.5 billion websites currently out there, and hundreds of millions active, it can be hard to gain traction to a WordPress website you just started. Building up a community and readership takes time, but only if you have a great website to tempt them to. If it is hard to use, unattractive, or not marketed correctly, you won’t grow that community in the first place.

Online, you compete in what is known as an attention market. In this market, luxury brands and small websites just like yours are on equal footing. It is up to you to follow this guide so that your website stands out from the crowd.

Improve Site Speed and Stability of your WordPress site

The best way to improve the overall function of your website is to choose a great UK WordPress hosting company. The host is the company that stores your website on a server. They are responsible for making your website redundant, fast, and secure. What it means when your website is triple redundant is that if one server goes down, you still have copies of your website in other locations, so your website is very unlikely to ever go down.

Improve Site Security

Site security can be improved with two main methods: one, to get an SSL certificate. Two, to limit the amount of information you collect about your users or customers. Only keep the information that you absolutely need, and purge the rest on a regular basis. What’s more, you will want to be transparent about the information you have with your users, so that they can take steps to further secure themselves.

Audit Your WordPress Website

So far we have worked on the bare bones of your website, which is sure to be great for your SEO strategy and for user experience. The next step is to clean up its act.

Delete Broken or Unnecessary Pages

Delete all unnecessary pages so that you are only left with a lean, well-connected website.

Replace Broken Links

You should have internal links, a simple and easy-to-use menu bar, and have all links live and working.

Update Outdated Information

You will also want to spend the time to go through all your old posts and especially your page data. If there is anything outdated fix it. Updating an old post is actually a more valuable way to spend your time than writing a whole new post.

Improve the Design of your WordPress website

Once the content of your site is perfect, it’s time to focus on the aesthetics. Aesthetics are massively important, but if you don’t first work on improving your content your website will be all show and no substance.

Work on creating a beautiful layout, great home page, and use your design to reflect your brand identity. You want users to have an experience online that they remember, and great design will do that for you.

Give Value Back

There are many ways you can give value back. Create a blog that only posts exceptionally relevant content for your users. Offer VIP discounts to repeat customers. Make deals to accommodate longstanding subscribers, and so on. Customer service is even more important online, so get it right and make your visitor feel great about using your website.


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