Logo Design Rules that You Can Break

Here are some of the logo design rules that you can break without getting a copyright claim. You would be surprised to learn that many companies out there are already breaking logo design rules and they are not ashamed. Why?

Because logo designing is an art. It is not a science that has strict rules. It is an art and art is dynamic therefore designs used in logos are also dynamic.

Here are some examples of companies that have broken logo design rules yet they are still extremely successful. 


  • Google – So Simple, You Will be Surprised

Google is one company that is clearly breaking the logo design rules with its logo designs. Google doesn’t use its own logo on the search engine, instead it uses Google Doodles – logos created from your creativity.

There is a Google Doodle competition called Doodle by Google where you can submit your artwork. If you win the artwork, your logo will be published as a Google Doodle on the search engine’s page.

  • Harley Davidson

Another company that has unorthodox behavior towards logo design rules is Harley Davidson. While companies often file lawsuits against people or companies that use their logo designs, that is not the case with Harley Davidson. The company has a cult following. Majority of its followers have tattooed the Harley logo on their body because they are so in love with Harley products.

This is also a way of marketing for Harley as its honest customers directly market its brand name directly through their tattoos.

  • Android by Google

Android is another logo design that has completely changed thanks to technology. Android logo is used almost everywhere to signify Android software and mobiles made by Google. Android is a famous mobile-software and a direct competitor of iOS by Apple.

It is even used in memes, comics, and images signifying the prominence of Android software. However, it looks like Google doesn’t take these offenses by people regarding its Android logo design seriously. As a matter of fact, all this makes Android even popular because people are more likely to get Android based smartphones.

  • Burger King

Another famous logo design that is often memed is Burger King logo design. Burger King is a burger restaurant chain. It is popular world-wide and a direct competitor of McDonalds and KFC.

You can see many memes about Burger King due to the services it offers. Often the Burger King logo is mocked by its opponents in terms of memes. Even with all this, Burger King remains indifferent to logo design sensitivity as it hasn’t applied for any lawsuits against these competitors. For Burger King, all this publicity means better business, more promotion, and higher profitability.

  • Starbucks

One coffee brand that we all know about is also known for breaking logo design rules. Starbucks is known for its popularity in the US. The company is known for its coffee secrets. But there are many brands that have popped up around the world with logos and even brand names similar to Starbucks. These brand names exist in third-world countries where corporate brand respect is little to none. Therefore, even if Starbucks wanted, it can do nothing about these logo design memes.

That being said, it still looks like Starbucks is getting a lot more publicity thanks to these clone brands that have brought its popularity even to the third-world.

How to Be Different from Your Competitors?

To differentiate oneself from the market, you should establish yourself as a creator with a particular style. Rather than imitating another designer’s style, be unique and grab attention.

So, how can you stand out? Experiment with breaching design rules and taking chances.

Experiment with many styles to figure out what works greatest for your customer. Experiment with numerous color combinations until you discover one that makes your design genuinely unique.

How to Get Inspiration for Your Logo?

The final criteria for creating an excellent logo is simple: don’t imitate the work of other designers! Although there is nothing wrong with being inspired by other designers, it is both morally and legally illegal to duplicate someone else’s ideas or work.

There are exhibition sites that allow you to utilize vector art pictures for free with proper acknowledgment under the Creative Commons License, however I highly advise against doing so.

These websites can be useful for generating concepts even during ideation stage, but you’re better off beginning from scratch and creating something entirely unique.

Should You Worry About Logo Design Rules?

In reality, brands need not worry about logo design rules. First these logo design rules are not rigid. Anyone with a brand name can create a logo that may or may not mimic another brand name. There are so many brands in the hosting industry where the logo is of ‘cloud’ shape.

This logo is overused by almost all brands within the hosting industry. But did any brand name complained? No. Why? Because this type of design is used almost everywhere.

Same goes with your brand name. If you have a logo design that looks pretty similar to a logo of your competitor, then don’t worry.

First check if all logo designs within your industry are similar. If not, then you can hire top design experts to get the logo design revamped.

Where to Find Top Logo Design Experts?

You can hire some of the best logo design experts from platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and even Toptal. All these websites offer escrow services so that you can easily hire trusted logo designers for your brand.

If you are still not sure how to hire the best logo designers, then you can get help from our Unique Logo Design experts.

Our designers have years of experience in crafting great user experiences, and brand assets that have helped companies scale to million-dollar worth. If you are interested in scaling to new heights, then get in touch with our design experts to discuss how you can grow your business to a whole new level.

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