Link Building Strategies For Beginners

Do you want to be ahead of the competition? According to Forbes, link building isn’t just an effective component of a digital marketing strategy—it’s absolutely essential when it comes to SEO success. The challenge here is to build links properly—and you may have little to no idea on how to start. Here are link building strategies for beginners:

Guest Posting

This strategy is a win-win situation for the writer, website, and the audience. It’s simple; you contribute useful content that a partner website would publish. It’s a sure way to get exposure and valuable links back to your site. Here are some tips for guest posting:

  • Look for blogs that have high website authority and a good reputation. Be sure that they publish content similar to your business.
  • Some blogs have a step-by-step guideline for guest posting. However, some blogs don’t have a specific process for guest post requests. Contact the blog editor by using the contact form and ask if they accept guest posts and ask for permission to have a guest post on their blog.
  • If the editor approves your request, send in quality content following the given format, and make sure to submit on time.

Be creative and maximize your existing connections and partnerships from social media, businesses, friends and previous clients.

Question and Answers

A fast and effective way to get links, answering Q&A’s is a strategy used by many to get ranked on Google. Give valuable and accurate answers to questions on websites like Quora, Reddit, and LinkedIn to help you establish yourself. The essential practice to this link building strategy is monitoring opportunities and acting on them quickly. Bloggers and journalists that receive answers from you are more likely to include you to their articles. Here are tips and benefits for answering Q&A’s:

  • You can use data from Q&A sites like Quora for keyword research.
  • Q&A sites give you new ideas on how to phrase your queries based on what people are currently talking about.
  • Use SEO link search tools to generate queries.
  • On platforms like Quora, you can have an email subscription option for “Notify me when someone adds a related question to that topic,” you can use this data to trigger ideas for your new post.

Unlinked Mentions

One of the best ways to generate links is monitoring unlinked mentions of your business or product name. However, what are unlinked mentions and how do you follow them? What do you do when you identify an opportunity?

Articles from websites that include your business or product name but don’t include a link back to your site is an example of unlinked mentions. For example, a blogger writes about top places to eat in Manhattan and mentions your business but doesn’t include a link to your website; then you have an unlinked mention and an excellent opportunity to get a link.

However, how do you monitor these? You can use Ahrefs to monitor unlinked mentions. Set up keyword alerts and get a real-time, daily or weekly summary of keywords. Look for opportunities and evaluate if there’s an opportunity for backlinks.

If the opportunity arises, try to find the contact info of the editor and reach out to the website, then request for an update to the article. Use your favorite tool and set up a branded keyword alert and see if this strategy produces good results.

Create Better Content

This is a simple strategy with complex ways to execute. Simply look for relevant content that has a good ranking on Google, check for old and inactive content. Make an invaluable and updated version of that content. Then, advertise the content to websites interested in linking. For example, you own a site linking to “top ten hotels in the US” from 2012 and get an email with a “top ten hotels in the US 2018”, you’d surely consider updating your website to serve your audience better. Here are some tips when using this strategy:

  • Use google search and type in “guide + target keyword.”
  • Analyze content with backlinks related to your keyword using Ahrefs or Moz Open Site Explorer
  • Publish an updated article and conduct outreach to all the sites linking to the old article.

This time-consuming and resource-demanding strategy is a sure way to get high-value links for your campaign.


Remember to create a portfolio of backlinks from high authority sites with relevant content, sooner or later your site will be considered relevant and high authority on your target keyword. If all of these strategies seem overwhelming, reach out to genuine link building experts like NO-BS Marketplace to help you get started. Hopefully these strategies help you with your link building journey and Google search rankings.


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