To Keep Business Booming, Boost Customer Service to the Cloud

If you want to keep growing your business on the web, consider using a cloud contact center to boost customer service to sky-high levels. Industry studies indicate that, in an increasingly customer-focused world, company success can depend heavily on the superior customer service a cloud contact center can provide.

Leveraging a state-of-the-art contact center can enhance the customer experience while preventing fragmentation and optimizing workflow. To keep business bustling, here are a few ways you can boost customer service to the cloud.

Excellence is Imperative

According to a 2017 American Express study, U.S. consumers are willing to open their wallets 17 percent more times with companies that provide excellent service. Conversely, 33 percent of consumers say that just one instance of poor customer service will cause them to think about switching to a different company.

Customers don’t necessarily keep their experiences to themselves, either. One recent study by the Temkin Group indicates that nearly half of consumers tell friends about a “very good” or “very bad” customer experience either by email, phone or in-person. Consumers also give feedback directly to companies and or share their experiences on Facebook, Twitter and web-based rating services.

A Consistent CX Holds the Key

By taking an omnichannel approach, a cloud contact center can provide a consistent brand experience across multiple touch points, including voice, live chat, web and social media. Consistency is key, because the same customer might prefer different channels for different purposes. Â

Moreover, the American Express report noted more than 60 percent of U.S. consumers say their go-to channels for simple inquiries are digital self-service tools such as a website, online chat, mobile app or voice response system. However, for more complex issues such as payment disputes or complaints, customers prefer either face-to-face interaction or speaking to a live rep over the phone.

Another study by the Temkin Group bears out these findings, too. For example, to check the delivery status of a purchased item, 67 percent of respondents preferred taking a self-service approach via their computers. Other results were as follows: 14 percent for talking with someone on the phone, 23 percent for using a mobile phone and 6 percent for meeting in-person.

Workforce Optimization Tools Streamline Processes

It’s common sense to know customers get turned off by long wait times and prefer to communicate with customer service reps who are upbeat and knowledgeable. A modern cloud service uses state-of-the-art workforce optimization tools to achieve advantages such as removing friction for customers, improving problem resolution, and raising worker morale.

Workforce optimization technology that’s likely to be included in a cloud contact center include:

  • Easy-to-use but powerful widget-based dashboards
  • Multichannel access to scheduling tools
  • Robotics-driven software for eliminating repetitive tasks
  • SMS chatbots to find out an agent’s customer satisfaction score
  • Individual and team gamification for motivating staff and adding an element of fun to the workplace

The Bottom Line

These days, no business can afford to ignore the need to deliver superior customer service across multiple channels. Thus, leveraging a cloud contact center is a highly convenient way to meet this goal, while also improving productivity through workforce optimization.


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