Joomla Tutorials That Will Help You Master It

You’re not alone if you are using Joomla, its community is always ready to help you with a good advice. Whatever questions you have, like:

How to install Joomla?
How to get started?
How to install extensions?
How to upgrade it?
How to backup it?

– all of them will be answered when you address to Joomla community. Those guys know it from A-Z, and will tell you everything about how to build your Joomla site and how to manage it successfully. That’s the very reason why millions of people (from beginners to advanced users) use and love this powerful CMS that:
– has thousands of powerful extensions;
– provides with a variety of designs like these;
– is user-friendly and mobile-ready.

It enables you to build fully-functional websites and level of your experience doesn’t matter. Besides, you can always improve it with Joomla tutorials that will come in handy in this case. Professionally done, they will lead you step-by-step through the whole process of Joomla site creation. Detailed explanations in plain English will make each step understandable.

Joomla tutorials from this compilation will be useful for all those who want to know more about Joomla and master it properly. Useful hacks, tips and tricks of working with it – this is what you’ll learn from them. Let’s review easy-to-follow 10 Joomla tutorials (both written and video tuts from YouTube) that were recently published on the web.

Using a Joomla Template Framework to Design your Site

If you need Joomla template to start /redesign a site or build your own template, consider this tutorial that will tell you how to use Joomla framework to get what you need.

Joomla! 3.0 Extension Development Series: Writing The Core

This tutorial is one from the series about Extension Development. What will you find here? You’ll learn how to write functions and files that are core to the extension, and finally see how this extension will start working.

Tutorial: Taking Advantage of Alternative Layouts for Articles and Modules

Alternative Layouts is the feature that helps easily use a variety of article or module layouts throughout a Joomla site. This tutorial shows an example based on Joomla 2.5.x, but it would nicely work for Joomla 3.x series. Read this tutorial to learn more.

How to Install a Joomla Twitter Widget

The process of adding Twitter widget to the site will be an example of entering Javascript, PHP, HTML or CSS code in modules without relying on the editor you have installed.

How to Create an Instagram Feed Widget in Joomla
This tutorial will be interesting for a number of Instagram fans and just developers that want to add an Instagram feed to a Joomla site. After reading these instructions, you’ll see that it will not take you a lot of efforts to perform it. As a result, a Joomla site spiced up with this feed will become more appealing.

Joomla! 3.0 Extension Development Series: Beginning Development
How to write an extension? Take this great chance to learn and practice this process with the help of this tutorial. The author will show you how to develop actual component. Let’s start!

Build a Joomla Website in 1 Hour!

This tutorial reveals all secrets of creating a Joomla site in quick and easy manner. It will not take you much time to build it – just one hour.

Joomla! Tutorial: Building the Grid

Here is a tutorial from the series explaining how to create a custom made Joomla! 3 template that can automatically tailor and size its content for various displays.

Joomla 3.2 – User eXperience (UX) Improvements

Clean and clear explanations about Joomla 3.2 UX improvements would be extremely useful for all those who work with this CMS.

Joomla 3.2 – Joomla Extension Finder

To be aware of all available Joomla extensions, install Joomla extension finder. See the tutorial to find out how to do it.

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