Innovative Packaging Adds Even More Value


Today almost every item for sale has its own carefully designed package. It’s something that describes a product, at first sight, especially custom spirits packaging. Companies promote their products packages because they know innovative packaging adds even more value to the products.

In this article, we will talk about modern packaging including its colors, shapes, messages. We will talk about how innovative packaging can increase the sale of some items. We hope you will find all the information about packaging you need here.


What Is Custom Retail Packaging?

Custom retail packaging is the first thing that customers see when looking at your product. That’s something that potentially sells your product if the design stands out. The package describes your product before the customers see it.

There are many things what can custom retail packaging includes:

  • Your own logo
  • Colors
  • The material of your choice
  • Brand message
  • Quotes
  • Description

How Can You Make Packaging So Engaging?

If your product is interesting and innovative, why shouldn’t your package be too? The same goes for every item on sale, from soaps, phones, to custom spirits packaging.


The shape is the first thing you will notice in a package. Shape sends a particular message to customers about what’s inside. Today, you can make your product look more innovative and attractive with a state-of-the-art design.

Some package shapes can also help buyers determine for which person that product was designed for. Curved shapes are usually oriented to female customers. A package shaped like a shark fin gives a feeling of urgency and acquires buyers’ attention.

Clear Message

Words and pictures on the package are as important as the color and the shape. Words and pictures determine which product it is and who produces it.

The logo on the package always attracts customers who trust that manufacturer. Pictures on the package can attract a buyer’s attention and encourage them to try the product for the first time.


The color is the most important of all factors when it comes to packaging. The type of color is the first thing you notice on the package. Different colors send different messages to customers. In the mall, you will notice that some colors are common for some products. Today, colors largely determine which product group a packaging belongs to, like:

  • Children products: bright colors
  • Cleaning items: white colors
  • Luxury items: gold and silver

How Does Packaging Add Value?

The first method used to increase sales of a particular item is to improve the packaging of the item itself. A better package can beat the competition in the market for the same product. The more attractive packaging, the better it can attract customers to try the product for the first time. In the next steps, we will explain how packaging adds value.

Improves User Friendliness

Packaging that is affordable to customers is the best packaging. Customers want packaging that is:

  • easy to open
  • practical
  • clear instructions

Everyone had a bad experience when they spent several minutes trying to open a box, and customers don’t like that.

Enhances Aesthetics

Attractive packaging, as we said, is one of the most common reasons for buying an item. Some products such as cosmetics are highly dependent on design, as the customers of these products are more creative and enjoy beauty.

Differentiates you from Competitors

A large number of different products capture your attention when you want to buy something. You will most often notice products that stand out from the crowd thanks to their appearance, design, color.

Raises Brand Recognition

Large companies have distinctive packaging by which you can identify them without reading the company name. Thanks to the uniqueness of the packaging, you can gain the trust of your customers.

Fast Turnaround

A fast turnaround is every company’s dream. You want your product to be sold as fast as possible, with minimal time spent in the storage.

Influence Customer Purchases

Customers often form their opinion about a product based on the packaging. Also, the information about the product that is on the packaging can greatly contribute to the purchase of that product.

Reinforces Brand Messaging

A well-designed product packaging with a clear message can help you form an opinion about what brand it is and for which target group. When people trust a brand, they will buy different products from them.

Embossed elegance

One of the final techniques is embossing or three-dimensional images. The embossing gives a distinctive look to the packaging, while the three-dimensional image creates a sense of elegance.

Conveys Brand Values

In addition to functionality, people buy certain products because of a brand’s style or attitude. For example, people who want to protect the environment will buy products with biodegradable packaging.

Solves a Problem

Product packages that are easier to open have proven to be more popular with customers. Packaging that is difficult to open can frustrate the customer.

What are the Tips for Adding Value to your Product Packaging?

In addition to the basic elements that improve product design, other “minor” elements can contribute to product quality.

Print White Backgrounds

When you have more colors on the packaging, it is recommended to use white for the background. Thanks to the properties of white, other colors on the packaging will stand out.

Use Metallic Inks

If your packaging is metal, we recommend using metal ink as it leaves a distinctive sheen. Custom spirits packaging is usually done this way.

Add Foils

You can often see foils on the packaging that gives a shimmery feel and makes the product more elegant.

Emboss Packaging

Embossing is one of the best ways when you want to highlight an image, logo, inscription, etc. Many companies use embossing to set their products apart from others.

Use Spot Varnish

Spot varnish on the packaging can increase the visual effect of the product and increase the customer’s desire to touch it.

Create Packaging Mockups

Before you put your product on the market shelf, you need to make sure that everything is the way you would like it to be. Often prototyping and mock-ups help to better visualize the packaging itself.

Bottom Line

We hope this article has helped you with product packaging information. Remember only quality product packaging is the key to success. If you are looking for custom spirits packaging ideas, make sure to consider which material, shape, and color your package will be.


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