The Impact of Big Data on the Web Development Industry

The advancement of technology has brought many radical changes in different industries. It has converted some major fields into highly competitive and ultra-unique domains where individuals are always struggling to come up with innovative ideas. Among all strategies introduced to date, Big Data has played a massive role to modify inception and implementation of technology actively.

It allows users to fetch usable insights from a massive amount of data. Here are a few things it brings to the corporate table:

  • Allows monitoring user behavior regarding a website or mobile application
  • Enables to utilize artificial intelligence so they can create better visuals and overall website experience
  • Makes it possible to optimize through predictive analysis

What is Big Data?

Before you begin studying its impact on the web development industry, it is vital to acknowledge the basics of Big Data. Mostly, it comprises of a large volume of structured and unstructured bits of information that are impossible to process through traditional ways.

Today, more and more companies are jumping onto the Big Data bandwagon because it enables them to gain what customers think about their products/services. Through powerful insight, they can change their structure and procedures when the need be.

According to some stats, big data adoption has the potential to increase retail sales by three to four percent. As more and more companies enjoy the power of Big Data Analysis, the requirements for tools to process the information has also risen. Big data software is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.6%, reaching $46 billion in 2027.

A collaboration of Big Data and Web Development

We are no longer living in an age where web development was merely about writing code and expecting customers to roll in. This is an era of active customer support. Through the help of Big Data, software developers can build dynamic and data-driven applications. They can understand which elements of their portal are working and which ones are being rejected by their audience.

When they make strategic adjustments to customers’ demands, they can maximize their profits and cut down capital requirements.

Are you still not sure what Big Data-driven website brings to the table? Here are the main factors that highlight the benefits of infusing Big Data for web development and design practices:

Faster Development

With advanced analytic tools presented by Big Data, web developers can evaluate enormous volumes of data within minutes. It allows them to obtain more precise recommendations on certain web features and functions. When they learn what users prefer and what the elements that push them away are, they can work to fix the loopholes.

Earlier, they used to design the code and layout of a single web page. Next, they applied and waited for the portal to respond positively. Now, the web creators have information at their fingertips. They are no longer guessing how to reach optimal capacity and meet users’ expectations.

The information produced through Big Data enables them to make tweaks in their web structure. Given how the demands of users are ever-changing today, it is essential to stay on top of these requirements. Big Data allows the developers to respond to their customers promptly. Alongside this, customer satisfaction also improves with this particular company.

Cost Reduction

Surveys by Syncsort and New Vantage reveal that BDA has helped 59.4% of respondents to decrease expenses. Suppose you own a manufacturing business or stocking products in a warehouse, knowing how much stock will be needed in a given period will save a lot of money.

With Big Data Analytics, it is now possible to determine how much product will be needed by the customers. You can study the seasoned information over the past year, sales of other products in the same line of industry, and make calculations through the assistance of Big Data.

PepsiCo has set an incredible example in this regard. By deploying Big Data, the company has reduced its cost and cut down the waste drastically.

Customized User Experience

Personalized User Experience is the ultimate winner of all customer service measures. When you offer your customers precisely what they need, it saves them time and effort. With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), web developers can track the users’ experience. The numbers allow them to understand the likes and dislikes of every customer. Then, they can make appropriate modifications to meet customer expectations.

When customers log in to a website, a site that is driven by Big Data will show information relevant to that customer right on the front page. Take Netflix as an example. The company tracks past views of users and then makes recommendations based on what they have watched in the past. This is one of the crucial reasons why the platform has gained immense global popularity.

Hence, Big Data enables the company to engage customers. This factor brings in brand loyalty for that particular company.

Automated Updates

Big Data has advanced us into an age when you don’t need to administer manual updates. The tools deployed by this method and machine learning technology, an app, or website upgrade itself according to customer needs. According to a NewVantage findings, 11.6% of executives are investing in big data with the aim of finding means of innovation.

This has reduced the burden from the shoulders of web developers. They don’t need to evaluate and conduct in-depth studies to find what suits their customers. Instead, Big Data mechanism handles the updates, making their websites self-learning.

In layman terms, the websites will upgrade themselves at regular intervals.


From this entire write-up, it is clear that Big Data is the game changer for many industries. If deployed with ingenuity and better tactics, the companies using Big Data can reach for high-end targets. It is wise to have professionals on board who know how to make use of this technology to improve effectiveness of your venture.


Author Bio:

Usman Ali is a Digital Marketer with good experience in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization. He is currently working as an SEO Executive in FME Dubai– a leading web design Dubai Company. He is passionate about Digital Marketing and loves to write on various topics and express his thoughts in the form of write-ups. You can find him on LinkedIn.



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