iJoomla SEO makes WordPress for Joomla! even better!

iJoomla SEO – Fast, Easy and Effective!

Normally, increasing SEO for my WordPress blogs is a challenge. I need a special plugin to assign a title metatag (the most important factor for SEO) and then I have to enter each one individually. Then I need to figure out how to monitor the keywords on Google.

The solution is iJoomla SEO.

This new update is amazing and worth the investment. Not only does it work with WordPress for Joomla!, it also works with Virtuemart, the popular e-commerce solution. Another plus! Keep reading for a feature list – and a special discount!

iJoomla SEO lets me:

  • Edit all my WordPress metatags on ONE page. It’s fast and easy!
  • Monitor my keywords on Google. I can see their positions and whether they’re up or down.

This not only saves me a ton of time, but also gives me an insight into my SEO efforts on Google so I can improve my results! Plus, I get to enjoy my summer rather than spending all day in front of the computer.

Here’s a video that explains how to add SEO your WordPress posts easily with iJoomla SEO: (Curiosity of Merav from iJoomla)

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If you are not using WordPress for Joomla! yet, our friends at iJoomla are. We’re so excited about iJoomla, we’d like to offer you WordPress for Joomla! at a special rate. If you already have a copy, then skip ahead to the iJoomla! discount! Get your blog rolling with improved SEO!

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Not using iJoomla SEO yet?

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Michael Pignataro
VP of Operations


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