How Does Hosting Influence Search Engine Optimization?


Since you are here, you surely already heard some that say hosting packages have an impact on search engine optimization and Google search rankings. The truth is that many believe the chosen hosting does not play a major role but that is not actually the case. In reality, your choice of a web hosting provider can have a strong impact on rankings. Here is what you need to know about this.


Hosting Location

We now have proof that Google Rankings will be affected by the physical location of the hosting provider when referring to the country that represents your target market. For instance, a host that comes from a reputable UK provider will rank higher when your market is actually UK. If your market is USA, you do want to have hosting in USA.

Responsiveness And Speed

Google always said that the sites that load too slow will be penalized. It is now known that responsiveness and speed are considered in the ranking algorithm. If the site has many outages, it will surely drop in rankings.

It is a really bad to choose a hosting package that is slow. That would hurt rankings and the experience that visitors have. Umbee hosting really stands out from this point of view as it offers really fast services. That is the type of quality you are after. Before you choose your hosting provider, read reviews. Make sure the servers are fast and try to avoid shared hosting providers that add too many sites on one server. This is usually the main cause why sites load slowly.

Think about how much traffic you expect to have and see if the hosting package chosen is suitable to live up to that amount. Also, are you going to use WordPress plugins that are sophisticated? Everything that slows down your website can actually hurt rankings.

Shared hosting is not a bad idea in the event that you are just starting working on a site. However, as you grow and you get more exposure and visitors, it is really important that you look at more professional hosting solutions so that you can actually offer the best experience for your visitors.

Visitor Experience Counts!

Google’s ranking algorithm is mainly based on the experience that the visitor has when he/she visits your pages. In the event that loading times are high and there is a high bounce rate, you can expect problems and lower rankings. This is the one thing that you need to understand at all times.

Make sure that you choose a hosting package that is suitable for the site you are about to launch. As a very simple example, if you want to use WordPress, you want to be sure that the server is optimized for fast database processing and supports the plugins that you are about to use.

In the event that you do not know much about hosting packages, simply talk to a representative of a reputable hosting provider and ask for assistance. You will be told what to choose and what is best suited for your business.


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