Helpful Tips and guides for Joomla or Joomla E-Commerce

Serial entrepreneurs have to build a website for their brands to enhance their book of business. Now, when it comes to website building, Joomla is a powerful and user-friendly tool to use. However, if you are not updated about its latest trends and features, it may get you in trouble.

There are innumerable benefits of Joomla that one can access. Starting from the best professional templates to the easiest PHP programming language-you can access anything with this tool. So, let’s find out some tips to use this tool correctly.

What is Joomla?

Joomla is a powerful and mobile-friendly tool to build your website or your applications. It is free, and it is an open-source content marketing strategy. Many people use Joomla daily to create projects for a wide range of audiences. Serial entrepreneurs often use this tool because they have to make many websites for their different brands.

Joomla can create websites for intranets and extranets. Government and non-government organizations, community-based schools, small businesses, online magazines, and E-commerce reservations use Joomla to create sites and applications. Non-developer users find Joomla to be more beneficial because of its vast global community, and user-friendly interface.

Another variant of Joomla is the Joomla E-commerce. Since Joomla is open-source, it is highly expandable and customizable. In the Joomla Extension Directory, there are already 7,158 extensions that can help people to create websites easily. However, some of these extensions are exclusively made for Joomla E-Commerce.  The most responsive and powerful extension of Joomla E-commerce is EShop.

What are some helpful guides to use Joomla more effectively?

Joomla is indeed easy to use, but it may seem inconvenient to you if you are not updated about its latest trends. Below are some valuable guidelines that you can follow to increase your book of business.

1: Look for new extensions frequently

In Joomla, the extensions are one of the most helpful selling points. Serial entrepreneurs have to put a minimum effort to create projects in Joomla if they explore new extensions frequently. Otherwise, you will have to spend hours after hours writing codes in long lines. Now, that will be a waste of time when you can automatically install that function, right?

2: Back up your projects

Joomla takes updates frequently, so you must back up your projects if you don’t lose crucial information. Sometimes even if Joomla updates an individual component also, it can lose potential data from your website. You can use tools like Perfect DashBoard and Akeeba Backup to automate offsite backup.

3: Create user-friendly websites

There are many features in Joomla that serial entrepreneurs can use to create easy-to-manage websites. It will save you a lot of effort and a lot of time when you will need to maintain that website. Content managers must focus on fewer tasks when it comes to website management. So, make sure you create a website that will help you expand your book of business. Don’t even think of wasting too much of your time on its maintenance.

4: Find out new templates

If you want to impress your clients and increase your business book, you just look for new and unique templates. Joomla updates the templates pretty often, so looking for new images, tables, slides, and layouts will be a wise choice. Not only the functionality of these templates but also Joomla updates their designs. So stay updated always.

5: Make it secure

Serial entrepreneurs often face security issues when they have too many websites to look after. That’s why Joomla takes frequent updates, and you should update your website as much as you can to keep it protected from hackers. Otherwise, you may lose your core files, and your website’s functionality may reduce.

What are some tips to improve Joomla E-Commerce sites?

If you are a serial entrepreneur, you must be focused on expanding your book of business. So, here are some tips that can help you improve the Joomla E-commerce sites and increase your client base.

1: Make sure your website’s loading time is fast enough

No matter which tool you use to create the website, it will automatically lower your bounce rate if it takes too much time to load. Your business book will never increase if your website just doesn’t load when people click on it. Therefore, clean up your cache memory daily, and reduce the size of the images on your website. You can use the conservative caching option on Joomla to clear the cache files automatically. You must also make sure that the HTML does not have any errors in it.

2: Make your website menu better responsive

One thing the serial entrepreneurs often forget is to make their website menu better responsive. It is a crucial step to make your website more optimizable on Joomla. Joomla lets you edit the menu from the frontend, and that can increase its speed. You may use this tool for the best PHP page creation, but your book of business will hamper if your menu is not responsive.

3: Make your site name visible

Serial entrepreneurs may need to hire some technology experts to use this tip. You can configure your website settings in Joomla to make it more SEO-friendly. The whole purpose of using this tool is to provide an accessible platform for content managers. So, make sure your site name is visible on the browser, and permanently save the changes after you are done.

Can I incorporate WordPress on the Joomla site?

Serial entrepreneurs and web admins are more inclined to incorporate WordPress in Joomla for its more efficient use. Once you install WordPress on Joomla Database, import your WordPress content. Don’t forget to create your website and include the links because otherwise, you may lose it forever.

Are you thinking about why you should incorporate WordPress on the Joomla site? Well, let me tell you, it will help you strengthen your book of business. Serial entrepreneurs need to increase their client base, and if they integrate both these sites, their website will become more efficient for blogging.

Signing Off

Anyone can use the Joomla or Joomla E-Commerce to create a website and elevate their book of business. But few know how to use this tool correctly. That’s why you must follow these tips and guides to make the most of your Joomla tool. It is free, and you won’t need to spend a single cent if you want to explore all its unique features.

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