How To Get Your Brand Noticed At Networking Events

Seeking attention and getting noticed at networking events has never been more crucial than it is in today’s business world. To get your brand noticed you need to focus on utilizing and incorporating technology as and where you can. Of course, you still need to focus on traditional methods of branding, but you now also need to focus on utilizing technology to further help grow and develop your brand.

Traditional Branding Still Works

When launching a new, more technology-based approach it is essential that you must not forget to focus on other more traditional offerings, such as having your logo printed on clothing and accessories. Websites such as ensure that your clothing including caps and hats are effectively branded and complementary to your offering. To get noticed at networking events you have to be seen and so does your brand.

Technology Works

To get noticed you have to use technology in as many forms and ways as you can. For example, at networking events, you need to direct people to your social media pages, and you need to give them your QR code so that they can quickly and easily get the information they need. Your social media presence and your website need to be instantly recognizable especially at networking events, so you need to invest in both of them. Getting a high search engine ranking is a must so you must invest in SEO as soon as possible. When people can recognize you by name and brand then you can make networking work for you to network with more people. You can save time getting to know people at networking events if you know that they already know a bit about your brand and what it offers.

Focusing on Web Development and Social Media

You have to invest in web development to build your brand. When your website is smooth, quick to load, and shows your audience what you are about and how you can benefit their life and business, then your job at networking events will be much easier. Getting a website designer and SEO specialist on board should be one of your first ports of call. As well as web development, you also need to focus on e-commerce development and on building an e-store that is fit for purpose. If you are selling products then you want your store up and running to ensure you can make sales after any networking events that you attend. People want to be able to buy what they have seen quickly and easily, they do not want to have to be searching for what they want to buy.

Social media marketing and management also play a huge part in getting your brand noticed. All of your social media pages should be full of useful content, they should be easy to find and they should be spoken about when you are networking. You only have a few minutes when networking, so you have to make the most of the few minutes you have and make them count. Ensure everything you have for your brand is cohesive and consistent and it will make networking a lot easier and more enjoyable.


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