How To Ensure High Traffic On Your E-commerce Website?

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Which e-commerce website you visited last? what you browsed? did you place it in the cart and leave it? what drove you towards this website? too many questions?

There are many choices when it comes to e-commerce websites and often attracting traffic towards particular e-commerce can be challenging, because all the e-commerce businesses are not the same and so they might not get that traffic easily. A simple way of putting it is that Traffic on retail e-commerce websites like Amazon is not the same as that of fitness-based e-commerce like

So, for a specific business, there should be a specific strategy to drive traffic right? maybe but some common minimum points need consideration while planning for the increase in an e-commerce website.

Leverage Data Analytics on your e-commerce website:

Data analytics is a modern technology that provides a framework for storage, retrieval, and analysis of the user data to predict the buyer patterns and persona to design, pitch and market products accordingly. E-commerce websites can use data analytics to design the website with maximum optimization to attract traffic.

We have already seen the widespread use of the AI-based self-learning websites. Take an example of Amazon or any other such online retail website, you will always find recommendations based on your browsing history or several other parameters and many times, there are recommendations sent over personalized SMS and E-mails.

These recommendations can be made more accurate with further usage of data analytics and identification of the buyer’s persona and spending power with other demographic details. The most popular data analytics system used for e-commerce websites are

1. Predictive Analysis

2. Visual Analysis

3. Streaming Analysis

Using SEO:

SEO is optimizing your content to achieve the best rankings in search engine results and that is why it is known as Search Engine Optimization. SEO provides affirmative results for your website, think of someone searching for peanuts nutritional value on Google and find your site right there with the peanut butter!

However, using Google ADs can also help in the process. But, if your content is not strategized for SEO, even Google Ads can’t help. So, here are some tricks to prepare your e-commerce website for SEO.

How To Ensure High Traffic On Your E-commerce Website?

1. Optimize all the titles of your website with the SEO tools.

2. Use Call-to-action words like “buy” or “add to cart”.

3. Optimize the images and other visuals for better SEO.

4. Improve your page load times- as 90% of customers have left an eCommerce site because of the slow loading of pages.

5. Create value with your content to attract organic traffic towards your website.

6. keep the structure of the website simple and if possible add a sitemap.

7. Use Schema to structure the data in your website for more conversion optimization, CTR, improved SERP indirectly, reduced Bounce Rate, with increased User Engagement.

Mobile and Social Media Marketing:

Mobile and Social Media- both are the first strategies on each enterprise’s whiteboard and for an e-commerce website, leveraging mobile and social media marketing for higher traffic is almost an instinct for any e-commerce business. Not going too deep into heuristics, let us focus on the practical application, here are the golden rules to the application of mobile and social media marketing for E-commerce websites.

1. Construct your website to be optimized for mobile usage or hire developers to develop an application.

2. Create dedicated pages on social media websites and apps.

3. Use various types of mobile ads to promote content on your website like video ads on YouTube videos that are skippable.

4. Create “Social Events” on social media sites to invite potential consumers for interaction and promotion of the content.

5. Use Live video streaming on social media sites and social media trends to promote your products and content.

6. Catalog your e-commerce products according to the social media trends and promote it.

7. Add Social media plugins and shareable content to your website to promote the content on social media websites.

Innovate your processes:

Maybe this is more of a physical change than the digital one proposed above. But, the only reason e-commerce has been so successful has been it’s an on-demand business model and that is why innovations are the first choice when it comes to improving the processes of the business.

Confused? Automating the process of delivery, logistics, and lower delivery times, all of which can boost more traffic to your websites. Remember, you are an e-commerce website and your consumers need that quick and high-quality service to stay aboard. As only content-rich and socially promoted websites can’t retain customers.

So, how can you maximize your processes through innovations and drive more traffic by reputation and higher reviews? Here is the answer:

1. Try to include automation into your logistics to reduce delays.

2. Innovate and develop intelligent delivery channels that have a minimal error.

3. Improve customer services especially aftersales.

4. Try to structure your customer service around chatbots as they are highly efficient.

5. Include intelligent machines to automate the retrieval and storage systems.

6. Most importantly, promote your innovations to build confidence and value for your e-commerce brand.


Users that visit your website should have the liberty to personalize your content as 74% of them are frustrated when website content is not personalized. This is not just the case of personalization of the website, everything from emails to products in the catalog should be personalized for the consumers.

One statistic that is every e-commerce website’s dream is here as personalized homepage promotions have attracted 85% of consumers to buy and personalized shopping cart recommendations have persuaded 92% of shoppers online. Hence, personalization becomes a vital component of your website to drive traffic towards it.

Concluding Thought:

Driving potential buyers and organic traffic towards your website can uplift the sales revenue of your e-commerce business. There are some simple ways suggested here and some of them are already popular among e-commerce businesses. The traffic of your website will decide the future of your e-commerce business as it is solely an online business and not an offline affair. So, start strategizing for your e-commerce website for higher traffic and higher revenues.

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