How to Easily Build a Hotel Booking Website?

A hotel booking website is a solution for people who love to travel. It caters to many issues, letting the travelers focus only on the adventure ahead. The mobile and web industry has seen a rise in digital innovations. You can now book a hotel room with ease no matter where you are.

People operating in the hotel sector know the importance of a booking website. A website helps hotels to showcase their services to potential customers. It also allows them to book with ease.

Let’s check how to easily build a hotel booking website.

1. Choose a Template

Most hotel owners are busy and have many things to do. Web designing should not be among those tasks. Luckily, there are many templates available, meaning it should not be a concern. A template will help you to make your desired site that will serve you and your guests.

Most templates come with the needed features. This means you should not worry even when working with a free version. Some features included in these templates are a gallery and a rich menu.

However, you should make sure you put the hotel’s information before submitting them. Most people choose to spend minimal time designing their website, but that is still fine. You can check out sites like Wix Adi that will help you to create a website in minutes.

ADI stands for artificial design intelligence. It uses your knowledge to create a good site.

2. Put a Payment and Booking Solution

You will need help to create an online booking system, whether you are renting a hotel or apartment. You can put some hotels on your site to enjoy the following privileges;

• Accepted payments – this will enable you to receive payments and keep 100% of your profit.

• Reservations management – you will have an easy track of your online reservations.

• Accept bookings from all devices – this site will help create an uninterrupted booking. People can access it using phones or desktops.

• Flexible prices – you will adjust different rates depending on the season. This means your fees will match the demand.

• Send emails constantly – your customers will get a notification after they book a room.

3. Put Necessary Pages

The main aim of creating a hotel booking website is to get reservations. It would help if you shared a glimpse of what you offer to attract more clients. You can achieve this by putting necessary pages only.

It would help if you were keen to include a “homepage” and an “About us” feature. You should also have a FAQ and feedback part to let the clients share their feedback.

4. Brand the Website Well

It would help if you had a suitable domain for the site and add branding assets to make it more appealing. Examples of branding include;

• Use of logos- a logo is a virtual representation of your Airbnb or hotel. It is easy to create a logo using free online sites.

• Personalized domain- here, you should use your hotel’s name as the domain name. You can also use a known keyword associated with it.

• Make use of visual language- color makes the site prettier and can evoke your visitor’s emotions. You should choose the color keenly because it has a significant role in your site’s performance.

5. Become more Social

The online field operates on social networks. This means you should become more social if you want your website to attract more clients. Social sites are a free and easy way to make your brand more popular.

Here, you can give the clients a glimpse of your channels using your website. It is also advisable to include a social bar to direct the clients to the website’s header.

6. Focus on SEO

SEO is the act of optimizing your website to make it appear higher on the search engine results. You can boost your efforts using many ways, like having the correct name and branding it well. A good SEO strategy will enable your clients to reach you faster, thus making you more profits.

It is advisable to focus on your SEO strategy because your hotel has a fixed location. You can also conduct a few activities to put your website among the top Google results.

7. Update the Website Often

It is advisable to update your website often, especially if you use it for business. Updating your site often will increase its SEO ranking.

What are The Benefits of an Online Booking System?

Every hotel manager aims to have fully-booked rooms and make profits in the process. It is hard to achieve this using the old methods because you will depend on phone calls to have a reservation.

Below we discuss some top benefits of using an online booking system.

1. They Operate 24/7

An online hotel booking system is functional every hour of the day. This gives potential clients the freedom to book rooms anytime. This booking system also helps you make maximum sales. This is because you do not have limited working hours. Research has shown that online booking systems increase hotel bookings.

2. You Will Have a Smart Business Insight

Online booking systems have analytical tools that let you have business insight. These tools will help you keep track of every reservation and everything that relates to it. This will enable you to have a more improved understanding of your clients and what they prefer.

These tools will also help you know the areas to improve, which will expand your business.

3. Improved Revenues

The online hotel booking feature is easy to create and promote. It also has many packages that give your clients a chance to choose the most preferred. This increases the revenue while providing the customers with services that match their money.

4. It has Easier Payments.

It is easy to make payments using online reservation sites. Most sites need their clients to pay when booking. This will lower the no-show instances.

Final Thoughts

Online hotel reservation is becoming more common, thanks to the advancement in technology. It has several advantages to hotels, like improved revenue and fast payments. Creating a hotel booking website is now easy, thanks to the above tips.



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