Droomla extension released! The Power of Drupal inside Joomla!


This week, we’re excited to announce the release of our latest extension, Droomla!

Droomla extension released! The Power of Drupal inside Joomla!

Droomla is our brand new integration of two of the most popular Content Management Systems in the world: Drupal and Joomla!

What does it do? Well, simply put, Droomla is like Joomla on steroids.

Droomla enables you to seamlessly run Drupal and all its 7,000+ native & 3rd party modules INSIDE your Joomla 1.5 installation. You can run Drupal apps right alongside Joomla’s own apps giving you unlimited possibilities for website & webstore creation.

If you can dream it, chances are, you can now build it with Droomla.

Why would you need it? Joomla & Drupal both have their strengths and weaknesses. By combining them, you’ll get all the power, scalability and flexibility of Drupal combined with the ease-of-use of Joomla. You’ll love what you can now do inside Joomla!

With Droomla, Joomla users can finally have:

  • A true Enterprise CCK for Joomla – Build and move content items around with ease inside Joomla. Put a module position here; a content item there, etc. Joomla can’t do this very well natively, but it sure can with Droomla installed!
  • A powerful, robust blog inside Joomla – One of Joomla’s weaknesses is its blogging capabilities, or lack thereof. Droomla integrates Drupal’s powerful blogging engine into Joomla and adds commenting, tags, trackbacks, and social sharing & bookmarks. No more need to buy & configure pricey 3rd party social/commenting add-ons for your Joomla Blog to give you this kind functionality. It’s already built into Droomla!
  • A product catalog for your store – Easily create and manage a catalog of products and sell them through merchant accounts like PayPal or Google Checkout. Joomla cannot do this very well, but by harnessing the power of Drupal add-ons inside Joomla, creating your own online store is a snap.
  • JCE Editor built-into Joomla – One of the major drawbacks of Drupal is the lack of good content/WYSIWYG editors available for it. Since Joomla users are already familiar with the JCE, we’ve added support for it to work with Droomla, too, Now, you won’t miss a beat when writing content using your Drupal-powered blog.
  • A powerful document & downloads manager – You’ll now be able to give your users an easy and convenient way to securely download media, white papers & documents on your site. Joomla cannot do this out of the box…but it sure can with Droomla!
  • Easy Joomla! Template Integration & Layout Control – We have made sure that Droomla integrates as seamlessly as possible with your favorite Joomla! templates. Since the integration is created using MVC architecture, you can create a template override to tweak any part of the output exactly how you would like it.
  • And so much more. Click here for a full list of features.

From now until December 31st, you can get Droomla for just $47. That’s almost $20 off the regular price. Just enter this promocode at the checkout page, and your 30% off discount will be instantly applied: hohoho

But hurry, after December 31st at 11:59 pm est, this special offer will end…just like 2010!


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