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'corePHP' are Drupal, WordPress, Joomla experts

‘corePHP’ now offering WordPress and Drupal Development Services

‘corePHP’ has evolved over the years as Joomla! has grown. Most of our work has been developed with Joomla!, however, as a development company we know that sometimes Joomla! may not meet the requirements of our customers. Therefore, ‘corePHP’ is expanding our development services to include WordPress, Drupal and custom PHP development. ‘corePHP’ is proud to announce that we are now taking on new clients and offering development for the three leading open source platforms in the CMS world. Check out our new services for more details.

We now offer development services for:

  • WordPress – Design, Theme development, custom plugin development, install/upgrade requests and full site development.
  • Drupal – Design, template development, custom plugin development, install/upgrade requests and full site development.
  • Joomla – As always, we will continue to provide support and development for all things Joomla!

What to expect from our team

There are many CMSs to choose from for developing web based applications and websites. With so many options available, it’s only natural for clients to question if they are using the right CMS for their needs. Contact ‘corePHP’ to get a comprehensive review of what you currently have and what we can do to take your website to the next level.

Our Sweet Spot

  • Joomla!, WordPress, and Drupal Development
  • Usability of websites and interaction between the site and users for frontend and backend.
  • Transforming any design into a fully functional template
  • 508 Accessibility standards
  • Website evaluation and maintenance 
  • Customization and configuring of Linux boxes for optimal performance with large and enterprise websites.  

Our Focus

  • Fully optimized websites for fastest load times
  • Security of a website from the code to the server
  • Coding standards to produce high quality results
  • Understanding what framework best fits the needs of a clients site.
  • Understanding the right way to develop the required functionality for a client. The client may have a direction they may like to go into but not have a complete understanding of how to make it work. We strive hard to ensure that the client always receives the best product we can possibly deliver.

Getting Started

Choose your CMS and contact us

Michael Pignataro
VP Of Operations


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