Connect WordPress with Live Chat & Up Your CRO Game

All of us have come across that unassuming small box hidden in the bottom right corner of a website. And almost all of us have also made use of it to chat with the customer care team and get our queries resolved.

But how many of us, as business owners, realize the power of that chatbox?

Even if we do, how many of us are actually leveraging live chat effectively to convert website visitors to customers?

If you have even the slightest doubt about any of these questions, then you need to read on.

You spend an enormous amount of money and effort to get traffic to your website. But your efforts are in vain if the traffic isn’t converting to business and revenue.

On an average 50 percent of your visitors are likely to walk away from your home page if not engaged properly. And this can happen in spite of having great content and best products. So is there a solution, you ask? Actually, there is. One that assures almost immediate and sustainable results!

Live Chat – How Does it Work for Conversion Rate Optimization on Your WordPress Website?

Did you know that a customer prefers to communicate with companies via:

Also, ATG Global Consumer Trend study stated that around 90% of customers believed live chat was really helpful during online shopping.

Still wondering how does live chat boosts conversion?

Here are some interesting numbers that validate the role of live chat in skyrocketing a website’s conversion rate.

  • Increased Website Engagement 

    79% of website visitors will use a live chat option if it’s available on a website.

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

73% of customers found live chat to enhance their support experience at a substantial rate while shopping online.

  • Reduced Bounce Rate 

    60% of customers agreed that they would return to a website that offered live chat services.

The above-mentioned numbers are an indicator of how websites get to increase their engagement and boost conversions with the use of live chat plugin. In a nutshell, you now have all the more reasons to add live chat plugin to the WordPress website and see your conversion rate optimization game reach a new level.

Just in case you feel that there is a lack of tips on how to use live chat plugin to boost your numbers, then worry not. We are here to make that work out for you! But first, let’s take a look at what is conversion rate optimization, benefits, and what are its best practices.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

Connect WordPress with Live Chat & Up Your CRO Game

Conversion rate optimization or CRO refers to the efforts that you put in to convert visitors to customers. As businesses struggle to keep their bounce rate low and get visitors to shop, companies have started taking interest in adopting CRO best practices.

A few of these practices include:

  • Creating simple user-friendly pages
  • Creating strong call to action buttons
  • Knowing and understanding your audience
  • Running customized offers and ads

Along with the above practices, you can also add live chat to the WordPress website.

And with time, the live chat option looks lucrative to business owners as they get to boost conversions faster in real-time.

Now that we know what is CRO, let’s take a cursory glance at its benefits below.

Benefits of Increasing CRO Rates

Once you add a live chat to your WordPress website, you are bound to see a jump in your CRO rates. But let’s see what does this rate means to your business.

  • Helps you understand your customers and their behavior better
  • Increases your customer base
  • Increases ROI
  • Builds customer loyalty
  • Enhances user experience
  • Supports your customer support team and increases their efficiency
  • Improves your brand’s perception

Such amazing benefits of increasing the CRO rate can’t be missed by any. And that’s why many business owners feel the need to connect their WordPress website with live chat plugin. So, let’s take a look at some of the live chat tips that can help you improve your CRO game effectively.

Bring the Automation Factor to Your Live Chat

Now, you may think that I am indicating towards adding a chatbot to add the automation touch to your live chat process. But that’s not true.

WordPress live chat plugins like ProProfs Chat give you the freedom to bring automation to your support process without adding a chatbot feature. They have a feature called Chat Greetings that allows users to create automated messages that can pop-up when a few conditions and rules are met.

Add the Personalization Touch to Your Live Chat Conversations

Connect WordPress with Live Chat & Up Your CRO Game

You’ve automated your chats, now add a pinch of personalization. Bringing the personalization factor to your conversations is just like adding a pinch of salt to your piece de resistance. Your personalized chat greetings may look something like this:

  • Hi there! Like any designs? Grab them when they are on 40% off!
  • Hello! Looking for something specific on our site? May I help you?
  • Hey! We love this watch too! Let’s help you pick a great color

Be Innovative, Build Intuitive!

Another way a live chat for WordPress plugin can help you out is by becoming intuitive and suggesting the right solutions before the problem arises. Some live chat plugins help your operators know what customers are typing. This gives them enough time to come up with a solution and even improves the response time. All this encourages the customer to approach a brand repeatedly.

Other than that, by adding a live chat to your WordPress website, you get to:

  • You provide support at customer’s convenience and within their comfort zone
  • Your support process becomes faster
  • You get to capture customer feedback and improve user experience accordingly
  • You get to capture qualified leads
  • You get to reduce shopping cart abandonment

The Last Word

The easiest way to optimize your conversion rate is to add live chat to the WordPress website. Live chat on your website does wonders in not just customer conversions but also enhances user experience. No wonder adding live chat is considered one of the best practices in conversion rate optimization. And with easy plugins and ready to use the software, it becomes extremely convenient for website owners.

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Connect WordPress with Live Chat & Up Your CRO Game

David is a customer service expert. As a customer service strategist and execution expert at ProProfs, he has offered unique strategies to website owners who wish to learn deeply about Live Chat Software to build a delightful experience. Follow David @Davidmiller4312 or connect on LinkedIn.



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